Experience is essential

When selecting a web designer in London, one of the key components that should influence your choice is experience. If you can find a top website designer that offers a good rate and has the necessary experience, you could be onto a winner. There is no doubt that choosing a UK website designer is a little like walking into a restaurant for the first time; the front end looks fantastic and there is a nice ambiance but will the food be any good? There are plenty of good designers in London that do not understand the true machinations of search engine optimisation and although they may be able to point to some successes through trial and error, they do not have a comprehensive strategic approach to online marketing. The way a website is constructed, and the content of the images and copy, must go hand-in-hand with a strategic policy for online marketing otherwise a great website can turn into a wallflower that does not attract the bees.

An experienced web design agency in London should have the skills in terms of design and content strategy to provide solid online marketing advice and also website design and construction talent located overseas to ensure that the price of the website is kept low. There is no need to pay West End prices for an ecommerce website that is solidly built, shows great design flair, that offers superb functionality and has well-thought out navigation and checkout systems.

Online marketing

Launching a new website can feel like launching a cruise liner: both require good publicity to succeed. Design agencies that only design websites do not always appreciate how much the functionality of their website designs affects the overall impact of the search engine spiders. In other words, when considering whether to hire a design agency to build a new website it is equally important to verify the agency’s online marketing skills. Does the agency really understand how the internet functions in terms of analysing key words, pay per click and link building? Will your new website be mobile friendly? Today, the iPhone and the iPad have almost taken over the way influential people view websites online. However, online shopping is still undertaken to a large degree by women and so making sure that your online store offers a comfortable shopping experience by way of copy content and imagery is important.

 Website Designer in UK

Throughout the UK there are people who know how to build your website but will it be one that works its way to the front of the grid like a Red Bull Formula One car or will it languish at the back of the grid, looking good but without the power to really make a dent on the internet. Businesses wishing to hire designers should also be looking for expert emarketers because there is no doubt that the internet is going to increase its grip on the way people buy and sell over the coming months and years. Times they are a-changing and they are changing faster than is comfortable for some organisations but if you can get ahead with the help of a good design and marketing agency it will bring great value to your business.