Easter is coming up, here's and opportunity to get into gift giving. Candy is dandy, liquor is quicker, flowers are romantic. What are your going to give? You can be romantic and give some kind of surprise. Women love jewelry and jewelry stores are eager to push out all their old inventory before year end taxes. Now is a fabulous time to get a ring that says "I love you." Just in time to plan for a June wedding, this June for a simple wedding, next June for an elaborate one! If you don't know her ring size, see if you can trick her into loaning you one. Say you want to clean it off for her, take it to the store and get it sized. Or if you are worried about sizing, get earrings. They're simple, cheaper than a necklace, and always fit. What was the best gift you ever got? Was it practical? The first winter after my husband left me I was gifted with an old dented snow shovel. It was certainly nothing to write home about, being neither pretty nor ergonomic. I was sure glad I had it after the first blizzard of the season. For two days I sat in my house with my dog wondering if anyone were coming to save us. I could hear cars going by on the main road. Finally I ascertained it was up to me, as the dog had no appose-able thumbs. Seven hours of manual shoveling later I was connected once again with the outside world. Certainly a good gift, possibly life saving! Practical gifts are sometimes sneered upon by women. They shouldn't do that. My grown son was miffed that I had no car charger for my cell phone. Insisting I needed on, over my protests, he bought me one. I was so glad he did. I can't even tell you how many times I have been saved by that charger! When I went to buy a new phone, I bought the car charger at the same time. Men and Roses. It IS an expensive flower and they smell delightful, but beware of the "cheap shot." Women like gifts that say you thought about them. Make them feel unique. If you must buy roses, get an interesting design. You'll get points if you can match her home decor. Unless your lady friend is a gardener stay away from potted plants. Nobody likes the gift that requires more work. Ditto for exercise equipment. Unless you know your friend enjoys working out, that can come across as the major faux pas.

What is a nice gift always? Most everyone, men and women appreciate a home cooked meal. If you know your way around the kitchen inviting someone to dinner is welcome. If you don't want to spend that much time with them a bag of cookies or a loaf of home made bread is a nice gesture. If you give candy, make sure it's nice candy. This time of year a lot of cheap chocolate is available. I work at the post office, one customer who surely meant well gave me inedible chocolate. The inside was like wax paste. Maybe she was re-gifting.