Let’s pretend for a second here – you are walking down the streets of a busy city downtown, eyeing the stores. You stop by outside the jewellery store and gaze admiringly at the sparkling diamonds and necklaces. They gleam and glisten on top of their velvety blue fabric, underneath the bright white lights, luring you in. You figure you’ll just step in for a quick glance. I’m just window shopping, you think to yourself. After all, you figure, you’re just curious to see what’s in store.

Just as you step in, the sales associate raises her hands in excitement. “Congratulations!” she says. “You are the 100th person to walk into our doors on our anniversary. You get to pick any jewellery you want for up to $100, free of charge.”

Maybe it’s a bracelet, a pair of earrings, a ring, a necklace. It could be for yourself, or for a loved one. You can pick anything in the store $100 and under. For instance, say if we were to use the prices at Amazon’s women’s jewelry store, I want you to see what catches your fancy. I know there were tons of stuff that I’d like to get.

Here's my picks:


When I saw this gorgeous heart-shaped pendant necklace, I was not surprised to see that there were over 1,000 raving customer reviews on this one. It is a real stunner. The purple heart is a beautiful color, and the necklace is quite unique, with the purple heart left of the silver rhinestone heart frame. It looks as if there are two hearts beside each other.


I would choose this amber sun sterling silver pin for my mom, since I think it would make a great gift for a mom who enjoys using brooches. This pin caught my eye instantly because I think the way that the amber is used is really clever – other pieces incorporate the piece of amber as a part of an animal, object, or whichever, but I think that using the amber as the center of a sun really brings out the best of the amber.


I love this! This vintage feeling watch also doubles as a bracelet, also feels both strong and graceful at the same time. It reminds me a bit of the forest. I think it’s because of the various leather straps and the braided one. The small golden heart adds a slight touch of femininity. I would definitely see myself wearing this on a day out – it would get a few compliments and looks for sure.


This filigree silver style stretch bracelet stood out to me because the curvy designs on it are so beautiful. I think also that the simple dual tone color – silver and black – emphasize the design. The symmetrical curves are broken by circular crystals, which helps prevent a monotonous look. Best of all, it stretches! I don’t have to worry about this bracelet not fitting over the hand. This bracelet could make for a great gift for a friend, or for myself.


Unlike some other jewellery that are out there, this mix of silver and vibrant sapphire blue would work on numerous skin tones. Along with blue sapphire, the earrings also come in a simulated diamond center, ruby, and emerald. I also think the ruby one looks nice, since the color is such a rich and deep hue. The simulated diamonds on the outside bring out the vibrant color of the larger gem in the center. I think if you were to wear a pair of these, people would think they’re real! It would be neat to get a pair of these, or a couple in different colors. Mixing and matching a pair would be fun and interesting.


I could definitely see myself wearing a pair of these. They’re noticeable since they’re larger than your average sized earrings, but the holes in the leaves keep them from being too “loud”. The rose gold color is a more neutral color, making it work well for both warm and cool skin tones. I see this pair as one of those earrings you wear when your outfit looks very neutral, such as a black dress or a plain white tee, and you want to spice things up a bit by wearing a pair like these.


These extremely popular owl pendants are so quirky, cute and pretty at the same time. They would add a very interesting accent to any outfit, whether it’s a more subdued, neutral outfit or a colorful maxi dress. I also like the octopus and seahorse pendants that are made in the same style. They look so intricate and magical, almost as if they are the keys to good luck that one would hold near to their chest.


This sterling silver pendant has a very Celtic inspired feel to it. I really like how the design has taken a simple concept – a key – and made it so intricate with the design. It also reminds me of a bit of a cross that you would find in a Cathedral with all the designs inside. I could see this as being one of those necklaces you give as a gift to that special someone, as a “key to my heart” type of pendant.

My Findings

I was actually very surprised at the number of pretty trinkets and simply stunning pieces of jewellery at such affordable prices. Although I started off with aiming for jewellery under $100, all of the ones I liked and saw were under $35. Some of them were not even $5!

There were so many nice pieces of jewellery that it’s hard for me to resist getting some of them. It was fun looking at the jewellery, and I imagine it will be even more satisfying to wear or gift them. By looking at the selection of women’s jewellery on Amazon, what were your favorites?