Las Vegas Condo

What would you do if you made $25,000 a month in passive income? Where would you go? What would you do? I know what I would do!

I would have a high rise luxury condo at the Turnberry Tower in Las Vegas. I would also have a cabin in Stanley Idaho. In addition I would buy my own gas station. My condo is $450,000, my log cabin Stanley is $190,000, and my gas station will be about $225,000. I could save up all of my passive income for 3 years and buy all of these items! If you were actually earning $25,000 a month in passive income would you spend it, save it, or invest it? What would you do?

A passive income of $25,000 a month from writing for InfoBarrel would be awesome, but how many pageviews would we need to earn $25,000 a month? If we are earning a $10.00 CPM then we would need 2,500,000 pageviews a month to our InfoBarrel articles. As much as I would like to get 2 1/2 million page views each month, it is very doubtful. Unless…

Unless we had a 100,000 articles. Then each article would only have to average 25 hits each month. What would it take to get to 100,000 articles? You would definitely have to do some outsourcing of your articles. Let's say you sold your home and bought a cheap camp trailer to live in. If you are able to pull out $75,000 in profits after you sell your home, and then bought articles in bulk at $5.00 each, you would be able to buy 15,000 articles. With these 15,000 articles you would earn at least $3,750 each month, but probably much more. If you took your $3,750 in profits and then bought more articles you would be able to add 750 more articles to your folio. These 750 articles would give you at least another $187.50 each month. You then take your $3,937.50 in profits and buy more articles. You continue this each month and you would eventually get a boat load of articles earning you a ton of money. In theory it would work, I know it seems crazy but they also said Colonel Sanders was crazy when he decided to start the KFC franchise after he was already retired.

The point to this article is not to encourage you to sell your home, but to realize that there is a lot of money to be made with InfoBarrel, especially if you can afford to outsource a lot of articles in addition to the ones you write.

What would you do if you were making $25,000 a month with InfoBarrel? As much as I would want to buy that luxury high-rise condo in Las Vegas, the log cabin in Stanley, and the gas station, I would probably end up buying a lot more content each month until my earnings were mega-huge.

Can you imagine if you won the lottery and the news asks you what you are going to do with the 100 million dollars you just won and you reply" I'm going to buy 20 Million articles for my InfoBarrel account". Those 20 million articles would then earn you at least 5 million each month in Adsense revenue. Image Credit: (Flickr/mrak75)