Mexico is a great vacation destination for the whole family to enjoy. It will be helpful to know some information about the country before you go there though.

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Mexican vacations are taken each year by many people, so Mexico is used to having tourists there. However since you have probably not been to Mexico that often it is important for you to know some basic information about the country before you go.

President: Felipe Calderón has been in office since 2006.

The Country: They have 31 States and a Federal District

Capital City: Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and has an estimated metro area population of 19,013,000.

Population: According to the 2010 census, Mexico has a population of 112,322,757.

Money: Mexico’s unit of currency is the peso. 20-peso notes are blue, while 50 notes are reddish. 100 notes are red. 200 notes are green, and 500 notes are brown. 1,000 notes are purple. 1 Peso is worth .0844 American dollars.

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Language: Theo official language of Mexico is Spanish. While many people speak English in Mexico there are large portions that speak Spanish. It would be helpful for you to know some basic Spanish words and phrases for your trip.

            Si: Yes

            No: No

            Hola: Hello

            Adios: Goodbye

            Me llamo…: My name is…

            ¿Como estas? : How are you?

            ¿Cuanto cuesta?": How much does it cost?

            ¿Donde está…?: Where is…?

            Gracias: Thank You

            Buenos Dias: Good Morning

            Buenos tardes: Good Afternoon

            Buenos noches: Good Night

            Ando Perdido: I am lost

A couple other things to know:

If you plan to stay in Mexico for more than a weekend, it is suggested that you register with the U.S. or Canadian Embassy nearest your destination. This will allow you to get the latest regional travel information, as well as helps you to receive assistance in the event of an emergency.

If you are going to be driving in Mexico, it is important to make sure that the vehicle you are driving is insured with Mexico domiciled auto insurance.

It you are required to get a Mexican Visa or Tourist Permit, and then make sure you have one. These are available at the Mexican border and also at Mexico Tourism offices.

It is very important that you have the correct identification with you so that you can gain entry and exit out of Mexico. If you have any questions about the latest Mexico entry requirements feel free to contact the Embassy of Mexico, either through their website or by calling them, or you can check with any Mexican consulate in the United States. A hint: Keep copies of your travel documents. Scan your passport and send it to your own email address; make copies and give them to a relative who can mail them in case of emergency.

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Mexico is a great vacation destination; however by being prepared you will be able to enjoy your vacation even more. Having some background information on the country as well as just knowing a few travel tips when traveling to Mexico will greatly enhance your comfortability with traveling to Mexico on your next Vacation.