When carp fishing you need more than just hooks!

This could be you!

Firstly you will need some flexible ring swivels these little things allow the carp to take the bait at any angle with smooth movement of the rig from the line attached to your carp reel. I find that flexible ring swivels are much better than standard types of fishing swivel and should be in every carp fishing tackle box


Round rings are for attaching hooks and I would always go for Teflon coated ones as with this coating on it there is no chance of flashes from the ring spooking the carp when it approaches the fishing rig. You can get these rings from 1.5mm up to around 6mm pick the right size for the carp your after there is no point putting on a 6mm unless you know there is very large fish in the lake smaller carp will be put off by large round rings.

Bait needles are small needles used to attach bait boilies to your hook by string or PVA other types of hard floating bait is usually attaché to the hook using bait floss a fibrous material that can hold hard and soft bait without the need to pierce it making the bait more buoyant for longer periods of time you need to pick the right one for the bait you are going to use.

Carp fishing tackle leads there are many of them to chose from but the ones that should always be in your tackle box are the flat pear it lies on the lake bottom with a flat profile it's the most versatile of the leads so have a good selection of this type gripper leads are your next buy they have rough sides to grip the bottom of the lake if your fishing on a slope this means you can place the tackle right at the point the fish are feeding without it sliding down the slope. If you use a flat pear on a slope you need to use a heavier weight to stay in place with the gripper you can use a lighter weight so there is less off a weight that could put off a fish from feeding round your rig.

Tungsten putty is also very handy to have in your tackle box you can break of a small amount and mould to any size to fit your carp rig to add weight to any part of your rig to help it lie in the way you want.

Carp tackle can be very expensive but it can be bought second hand this can greatly reduce costs happy fishing.