Glass and Copper Foil Terrariums

Blue glass terrarium






Why is it that everything always looks better in glass? Garden plants are no different. A terrarium is a wonderful way to grow your plants and they will create a beautiful talking piece in your home. Your plants will thrive because they are in a protected environment.

The plants in an enclosed terrarium can be left for weeks without any attention needed at all. The beauty of these is they can create a beautiful centerpiece on the dinner or on the coffee table as long as it is out of direct sun light. The mobility increases the versatility of moving or even lending to a friend for their special function.

For those people who really cannot grow healthy green plants do not fret. Why not go and buy some of those really life like imitation plants. If you choose these with care, no one will be any the wiser. If you think about it, haven't you gone up and touched a plant at some time because you really could not tell if it was real or not. Curiosity has got the better of me; I have done this a few times myself.

Ideas for plants to put in your terrarium

  •  Try to choose miniature seedling varieties
  •  To add more color use three or four different colored plants
  • Make sure the plants you choose are all healthy to give them a good start

Types of plants to choose

  •  Baby Tears
  •  Aluminum plant
  •  Nerve plant
  •  Emerald Ripple 
  •   Asparagus fern
  •  Chicken fern
  •  Button fern
  •  Miniature palms
  •  Geranium 
  •   Maiden hair fern
  •  Miniature Peperomia
  •  Spider begonia
  •  Earth star

Caring for your terrarium plants

Do not over water your plants when you first plant them. Beware not to leave these glass planter pots in full sun. Heat from the sun can and does destroy plants, with the added glass it will increase this heat tenfold. If the terrarium you chose is closed in it may make too much moisture. You may need to open it for a few hours each day.


Remove any dead leaves, and thin out plants if they become overgrown. Fertilize your plants after about six months not too strong as you could burn them. Be guided by the directions on the container.


What do you need to do to have a glass garden?   

It is simple if you are creative and are good with using your hands. There are hundreds of ways to make your own terrariums. Often you see the cheap plastic version or pieces of glass which are glued together. These are exactly how they look, cheap. Therefore you need to stop procrastinating on that lounge chair and get up and have a go at something like this. No you are never too old to learn either.

Learning how to make a glass hanging planter pot is easy if you have a little patience. Then you will need to learn what types of plants to put in it and how to look after it. I hope you enjoy making one of them as they look truly beautiful sitting on a table or window box.


Note:  To protect your glass terrarium when planting live plants I would suggest that you plant them into trays or pots rather than putting them straight into potting mix in the actual terranium.

Dampness will eventually erode the copper around the joins in the glass, and I reckon no one would want to damage their beautiful terrarium.  I used to plant directly into terrarium but found this problem myself.

Palace garden leadlight terrarium

My husband made this Palace Gardens Terrarium from a pattern in a book and we used it as a planter. (We even had a couple of our baby Quails running around in it while we fixed their cage).  He had to redo the base of the planter once we noticed the problem.