Wherever you are, sewing products are available to purchase. There are so many types of products to choose; from blankets, bags and clothes to stuffed Teddies and other items.

As human beings it is a requirement for our basic needs to be met. We need water, food, shelter and clothing. The need for clothing goes hand in hand with sewing.

The craft of sewing is more than 20,000 years old. In the past people could only sew using the traditional manual method with thread and needles. This sewing method was common before the worlds first sewing machine was invented.

Over the years several materials were able to be sewn, from fur to leather. Although the sewing industry has seen many changes these basic factors will always remain the same.

Sewing has many purposes. it can be used to alter, mend or create an item of clothing from the ground up. Is is possible for any beginner with a basic knowledge of sewing to be able to do simple tasks such as basic clothes mending but only someone more skilled can sew clothing from scratch and make customizations to existing clothes. People who sew professionally are called tailors or seamstresses depending on the work they do. There tasks usually include more advanced requirements for sewing such as embroidery, shirring or quilting.

Hand sewn clothing will always be popular. Ever year we see different and more advanced electronic sewing machines but the traditional manual method will always be a winner. There are many factors to determine this; most people prefer to do all sewing themselves to save money and not everyone feels the need to involve a professional for such a simple alteration.

For anyone that wants to learn to sew there are many books and guides on the subject. These range from basic sewing techniques to more advanced sewing techniques aimed at professionals or students. With regular practice anyone can learn to sew. It could easily become a hobby or profession. Whether you want to sew so you can be creative, become a professional or save money by mending clothing damage yourself, there will always be a need for sewing. Just like with anything else, if you want to get good at something remain focused, learn from your mistakes and if your having fun then keep doing it.