The NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 is the next generation of NVIDIA’s award-winning 3D glasses. The glasses have seen some major improvement in its features such as a sleek new design, a 20% increase of the lenses that allows for a wider viewing area and an increase in external light blocking. The glasses are lighter and more comfortable to wear than the old models.

Nvidia 3D vision 2 3D glasses-2Credit: Nvidia

The NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 glasses is made of a soft composite material that makes it possible for it to fit comfortably on your head even when you are using a gaming headphone with it. One of the major improvements in the glasses is a new display technology called NVIDIA 3D LightBoost that dramatically improves the 3D experience you have while playing 3D games, watching 3D movies or viewing 3D photos with it. It can deliver images twice as bright and with colors that are very rich. But for you to enjoy the true immersive power of 3D effect on it you must have one of the latest monitors that come embedded with 3DVision technology.

Nvidia 3D vision 2 3D glassesCredit: Nvidia

With stereoscopic 3D gaming on the rise both on PC and the console these days a large number of the people who buy games these days expect it to have one form of stereoscopic 3D effect or the other. It’s no doubt that playing games in 3D is truly an immersive and enjoyable experience. One of the best ways to enjoy playing games in 3D is to play with a combat game with a friend where the two of you can play against each other or play  alongside each other as team mates. The 3D effects in games will most likely be seen and appreciated in scenes that involve a lot of actions where so many things are happening in the background at the same time.  Some of such scenes include explosion scenes, water effects, wind effect, snow fall, and smoke and fire effect.


Whether you want to play your PC game on a 24 inch monitor or 50 inch monitor the 3D glasses promises to deliver a rich and immersive experience such as you have never experienced before. Most PC gamers that have begun to adapt to all things 3D will find the glasses to be a valuable kid to add to their gaming accessories.

Nvidia 3D vision 2 3D glasses-Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia is banking on the fact that the earlier version sold as good as they expected so they are selling this one for the same price as the old models which goes for $99 for a pair of the 3D glasses. Seeing that most games come with 3D enable features these days it will interesting to see how well the glasses improve on that immersive experience.