The Life in the UK testThis document is a useful guide for any immigrant pretending to settle in the United Kingdom. The current application for VISA, spouse sponsorship and citizenship include the Life in the UK test as a first step prior the application evaluation. The test was implemented in 2005 and recently updated in 09 to cover every day life aspects of the life in the UK experience.

The test objective is to assess the English language and the knowledge of the UK the applicant has. In a way getting prepared for the test lectures the candidate the most important aspects of the geopolitical, historical, civic, economical and cultural knowledge of the United Kingdom preparing the new citizen or settler to get involved with the UK society. He test is at no level a barrier to prevent immigrants for coming to the country, it is a educational tool.

The test is has 24 multiple choice questions to be completed in 45 minutes. The passing score is 75% of correct answers. To prepare for the test the Border Agency has launch a series of resource booklets to help the candidate. The content book is called "Life in the United Kingdom: A journey to citizenship", the book hols testable and non testable content. The test will include from chapter 2 to chapter 6. A questions and answers sample book is also available for purchase and in case the applicant sees it necessary a study guide is also available. The resource material can be bought online as a package or separately. It is also available in your regional book store. The material has been relaunched in 2009 so make sure you get the latest copy version.

To sit for the test the candidate will have to pay a 34.00 pounds fee. If the applicant is from a non English speaking country he or she will have to validate their English language level with a complementary test. The Life in the UK test does not hold grammar content, the fact that the applicant is able to understand the level of English used for the questions and answers is enough testing. However the UK has created the ESOL course as an additional tool for the test.

The English for Speakers of Other Language course (ESOL) can be used as a complement to get prepared for the test. The course is language with civic content displayed. It doesn't have a fixed length at all, the assigned teacher will asses when a candidate is ready to sit for the test after providing a certificate with the course completion date and code. The applicant needs to reach course level 3 to be admitted at the test center. If you are not sure if the course applies to you yo can take an English test at the course center.

Be prepared to face the Life in the UK test shouldn't be a difficult task. As every test it needs study hour put to it. The test has an advantage for the candidate that other citizenship test do not have, it is a multiple choice examination. The advantage is that the correct answer is always among the options, so basically with some study hours and logic the test can be cracked.

Which is the best way to beat the test then? First of all the study put to it. Make sure you make your own notes out of the testable content from the book. There is a bulk of detailed information you will need to memorize. But the real king of the process is practice. That way you get familiar with the test dynamic and display. Also you narrow down the number of never seen questions that may come in the real test. Is a great way to study for multiple choice exams. Try to gather as much practice questions you can and perform 24 questions test for yourself. There are some training packages through the web at low price that are great in this regard. You will also find free questions in forums and promotion site.

You local library should hold old tests available for the community since many times this entities give free courses regarding UK nationality and such.

The Life in the UK test can be booked at any of the 27 test centers scattered through the UK. Try to book the test at the center closer to your location since each center holds a different version of the citizenship test. The same goes for the resource material. Order it in your region since it is also tailored into regions. With these recommendations you should be more than prepared to face the test. Remember it can be taken as many times you need to get passing score, usually on the spot. The test results are immediate after you submit it. Good luck with your Life in the UK test!