While this article is primarily about Ehow.com the principals here do actually apply to most writers compensation websites.

Ehow.com is a great way to share information and make money
We have all been new here at one time or another, so many of us who are active do receive questions from newbie's.
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Ehow.com is a great way to earn some extra money during these tough economic times. Weather you consider this a recession or a depression, our unemployment rate is at an all time high. There are more people out of work looking for ways to earn some extra money than ever before. As a direct result thousands of people are finding ehow.com and attempting to use it as a mode to generate a passive income to help their families, myself included here...

We join, make friends and attempt to be a friend in order to increase traffic and hopefully income from what we have written here, and this can be pretty lucrative for those who are willing to take the time to be successful.

But I hear this often. New members do not know what the rules are here and are having a difficult time trying to negotiate their way to success.
There are a few simple rules of etiquette here that may be difficult for some to find while on their personal journey through ehow so I thought I would list what I have found while I have been here to help.

First and foremost, we have been guilty of this one, when we first came to ehow.
Spamming friends; This is where a member writes a new article and then sends out a bulk email to everyone on their friends list asking them to read and rate their articles and recommend them.
Sorry folks, this is considered spam here on ehow and if someone reports it you will get a warning notice to stop or you could be booted off of ehow!
Go to my ehow profile and then my home page, you will see my avitar in the left corner, look down and you will see a subscribe button... Below that you will see in big bold black letters "Abuse Reported" that is where one of my friends reported me for abuse by spamming them. This is how I know you CAN be removed from ehow for doing this, and I do not want any of my friends to have to carry this stigma with them their entire time on ehow like I will, nor do I want to see them removed for this reason either!
This is why I warn you.

This is probably one of the most common newbie mistakes here on ehow
For some older members this can be quite annoying because they may receive literally 50+ of these read and rate requests a day!

Go through the forums
There is a forum or two specifically geared to help ehow newbies learn the ropes while here. It is also a great place to ask questions, promote your articles, find groups of people with similar interests.
If you are seriously into social networking, the forums are a great place to be! This social networking promotes a great venue for sharing ideas on how to make more money while here on ehow and that is why most of us are here, to work at home part time to gain some extra money!
Use the forums instead to announce new articles, there are specific groups and forum topics just for announcing your new articles.

Subscribe to friends who tend to write about topics you are interested in This button was put there as a stop gap to help prevent the problems with spamming as mentioned above.

Let the person you subscribe to know that you have subscribed to them and they may return the favor. While you can see everyone a person is actually subscribed to you can not see how many are subscribed to you.

Do NOT participate in fraud
Click fraud is probably the number 1 type of fraud here on ehow, followed closely by people who join souly for the purpose of promoting their product, service, or ?
Just yesterday I received this comment on 3 pages of comments! "wow! this is amazing.. i made $600 by going to this website: www.moneygoog2.com"
Ehow is pretty good at catching these idiots quickly but they are a real pain when you are trying to return comments and recommendations.

What is Click Fraud
This is where others encourage you to click all the links that are underlined in their articles or click the advertisements on the sides of or in the middle of our articles. This is click fraud!
If however you are genuinely interested in finding more information or in a product being advertised then of course click the links.
The defining factor is the reason for the clicks;
Click to falsely earn more money = fraud!
Click to gain information or buy a product = marketing

These advertisers pay ehow a set amount of money for every time someone clicks on their advertisement with the hopes of garnering a sale. They calculate in on average how many clicks it takes to make that sale based on other websites or ehow's average performance for them. If they receive fewer sales than predicted and this trend continues they will reassess the value of ehow as a method of advertising. If ehow.com looses their advertisers.... we loose money!
So lets all protect our investment of time and not participate in click fraud!!!

Gather friends
Add as many friends as possible the more friends the better chances you will have a large number of people who subscribe to you.
The more who subscribe to you the higher the chances are to increase your monthly earnings statement.
Go to the community link at the top right corner of the web page then click on members. There you will find a list of new members, then simply go down the list and click "add friend"

return the favor
If someone reads and rates your articles or gives you a recommendation go and do the same for them.
How do you find out if someone is leaving comments?
Go to the comments tab and scroll down. then right click on their name and then open in new tab. Do this for all the day's comments.
Then just go to each tab, make sure the person is marked as a friend, if not add them. Then click on their articles tab and find something interesting to read and rate. If they recommend you return the favor and let them know you have done so, it's only a courtesy but we all like to know when someone has done this for us.

If you find an article particularly useful or well written give the author a recommendation and again let them know, perhaps they will return the favor, but NEVER get upset if they do not or do not respond. They may also be new and not aware of this courtesy

When you read an article you will find a group of 5 stars click on the number of stars that show how useful that article is to you. Then when you leave a comment and click leave comment go to where your comment is and again click on the number of stars. This way the author knows you were there and found their article useful, they hopefully will return the favor.

Be a friend
If you see someone who is struggling or does not seem to know the rules you can refer them to this article or another article that someone else has published that may be of assistance.

Send them to the correct forum or use group that may be of assistance to them while they are learning their way around ehow.

Answer honest questions with honesty and in a timely manner. Remember if you have been here a while others will look up to you and consider you an expert in their eyes. Play the part and help or refer them to someone who can help or the forums

Tips & Warnings
• Ehow is a great place to meet interesting people, learn new things and share ideas
• do not participate in click fraud
• do not spam your friends unless they give specific permission for you to contact them with articles.