The Walt Disney Company it's the largest known media and entertainment company. It is most popular because of its family-friendly products it was founded by two brothers, Walt and Roy Disney, in 1923 and it was first to be an animation studio. In time, it has become one of the biggest Hollywood studios and owns eleven theme parks and many television networks such as ABC and ESPN. The headquarters of the company are located in Burbank, California at the Walt Disney Studios. The official mascot of the company is Mickey Mouse, a famous and loved cartoon character.

Disney has a lot of products with its label, besides cartoons and movies. We can find books, Disney coloring pages, toys, clothes and many more like this. A Disney coloring page can have any character that belongs to the company. Disney characters coloring pages are fun and can be found over the internet or in libraries. We can also find Disney coloring pages to print, that can usually be downloaded off the internet and used to make coloring books for kids or even print them at a bigger size, so they can be used as posters and wallpapers for a children's room.

A Disney coloring book is often more popular than other books for kids, especially because of its characters, the lovely characters from Disney, which everybody know and love. Such characters are mostly the old ones, like the little Mermaid, Aladdin, Peter Pan, Bambi and many other old stories that keep on living and keep making children love the world of Disney.

Even though Disney is such a big conglomerate, that doesn't mean everybody loves what they do. There have been complaints that they have subliminal messages in some of their movies. But even so, Disney is still one of the most popular cartoon producing companies.

And the many products that can be found all around the world, such as the best Disney coloring pages, toys and many other items especially made for kids, show us that no matter what people will say and try to do; Disney will always be a part of the life o children all over the world. Especially because they made Disneyland, the dream of every children, the place everyone, even grownups, can meet their favorite Disney character and have fun with all the rides and fun things to do for the entire family.