It seems that everyday a new diet comes out with promises of losing weight. But have you ever heard of a gluten-free diet and wondered what it was? Many of us think that it is complicated, when really it is not. Gluten is actually the protein that is found in grains. Grains include items such as wheat, rye , or barley. Just like any other allergy some people are allergic to these grains and it would be advisable for them to follow a gluten-free diet.

We all know that diets are not easy, if it were everyone would stick to it. A gluten-free diet is also difficult. It might sound easy but it is not as a person who suffers from gluten allergies or as it is commonly known as celiac disease, will have to live on a gluten-free diet forever. A doctor or a food nutritionist will recommend a sufferer  on which diet to follow to lead a normal healthy life. Unfortunately, if an incorrect diet is followed, a person could face many health related issues. Do not let this deter you though, as though even if you have any gluten allergies there is hope. A nutritionist can recommend a diet for you to follow and if you follow that diet you can live a normal and healthy lifestyle. The key factor for this disease is to remember to avoid any wheat or any wheat based products. With so much emphasis being placed on eating healthy and the benefits of eating whole grains, this diet may be a little difficult to stick to. However, if you follow the diet recommended by your doctor or nutritionist it might be easier than you think.

Many people do like oats, and if you are one of those and suffer from celiac disease, you will be glad to know that you do not necessarily need to cut out oats or oats related products from your diet. It should be okay to consume oats, as long as the oats has  not been processed at a facility free of wheat or any such grains . However, make sure that the product you are consuming is from a wheat free environment, otherwise you might be consuming wheat or its by-products.

Here are some of the foods that you can consume on a gluten-free food diet, namely, corn, rice, tapioca and soya. If you have a sweet tooth you can eat jams, marmalade, sugar, and honey. A gluten-free diet can also include fresh fruits and vegetables. Not to mention milk, creams, butter, cheese, and eggs. With regards to beverages, most alcoholic ones are okay. In addition, you can have sodas, tea or coffee.