So you've been thinking about it, but wonder what you should know before you get your nipples pierced? This decision is really more complicated than it might seem. So many people have jumped right in without thinking only to regret it later.

Before you get your nipples pierced...

  • One of the worst parts of a nipple piercing is that it can take up to 6 months to heal if there are no complications. Infections are common and can be very painful.
  • If they become infected it quickly lead to infections in other areas of the body.
  • If they scar inside you can lose sensitivity and feeling in your nipples. You can even get painful abscess or cyst inside the nipple. Ouch!
  • Although it is possible to breast feed with nipple piercings some woman have trouble. The piercing will need to be completely healed and the jewelry has to be removed. It is extremely dangerous for an infant to drink milk from nipples with jewelry in them.
  • You should not get your nipples pierce if you have breast implants, heart disease or skin conditions. You should not get your nipples pierce if you have any condition or take any medicine that weakens your immune system.
  • You can be allergic to the body jewelry or your body can reject the piercing, forcing you to take it out.
  • You could end up with a big ugly keloid scar.
  • There are studies that might suggest that nipple piercings can increase the chances of breast cancer.

There are so many disadvantages to having pierced nipples. The only advantage is the looks, the symbolic notion and naughty play. If you do decide to get this area pierced please go to a reputable place and use high quality body jewelry. Look for sterling silver, gold and surgical steel post. You might want to avoid anything with nickel in it. Many people are allergic to this type of metal.  Better safe than sorry, this is the last place you want an infection or something worst. Just make sure you think it through before getting your nipples pierced.

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