Hardball Dynasty is a Online Sports Simulation Baseball Game Offered Through Whatifsports.com

No matter the season, baseball fans the world over can enjoy America's Pastime with Hardball Dynasty, a fun online sports simulation game offered through Whatifsports.com.  I have enjoyed Whatifsports for almost a decade, and have spent many hours building my baseball franchise on Hardball Dynasty.

What is Whatifsports.com?

Whatifsports Offers Sports Simulation GamesWhatifsports.com is an online sports simulation website that lets you simulate actual sporting events using real stats.  The most basic element they have is SimMatchup, where you can match two teams from any year from Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, college football, and college basketball to see how those teams would fare against each other.  Want to know how the 1927 Yankees would match up against the 1999 Yankees?  You can find out in a matter of seconds, with full box scores available.  Think the 1985 Bears would beat Troy Aikman's Cowboys?  You can find that out as well.

Whatifsports also has SimLeagues where you are given a payroll and can fill out a roster using any player in history.  Each player has a dollar value assigned to them, and you must stay under your budget as you build your team.

My favorite feature of Whatifsports is the Dynasty feature.  There are four sports you can build dynasties with: college football, college basketball, soccer, and baseball.  The baseball dynasty is named Hardball Dynasty, and it gives you the ability to own, run, and manage a Major League franchise from Rookie Ball to the World Series.

Hardball Dynasty - An Online Sports Simulation Baseball Game

When you join Hardball Dynasty you are placed in a league with other real, live human managers.  You will get to name your team, you will be given a selection of cities from which to base your team.  Your home ballpark will be the real city's home ballpark.  In fact, for some smaller towns, minor league ballparks are used.  Each ballpark has similar factors and characteristics of its real-life counterpart, so you will want to keep this in mind as you build your team.

Unlike real MLB, there are 32 teams in a league.  Each league has a National and American League, with each league being broken down into 4 divisions.  The 4 division winner plus 2 wildcard teams make the playoffs.  So while this setup is different than the real thing, it adds more competition as you can stay in contention longer.

Fun Features of Hardball Dynasty

Many features have kept me playing this game.

  • Full Control of the Minor Leagues - Hardball Dynasty allows you to be in complete control of your minor league system.  From Rookie Ball to AAA, you create your lineups and pitching staffs.  You determine who gets a promotion and who needs more seasoning.
  • Progression of Players - From the time players are drafted or signed they progress at a different rate.  Some players progress beyond their ability while others never reach their potential.  Just like real life.
  • Amateur Draft - In the middle of each season there is an amateur draft where you select your next crop of prospects.  Your ability to scout players depends on how much money you allocate to scouting at the beginning of each season.
  • Rule 5 Draft - Pick up players other teams are undervaluing with the Rule 5 Draft.
  • Free Agency - Players have contracts, and at the end of their contract they become free agents.  Some players are willing to give a hometown discount while others are determined to test the market.
  • Full 162 Game Season - The season has 162 games, with 3 simulated games being played during one real day.  There are also off days built in to give your players some rest.
  • Injuries and Tired Players - Injuries are also a part of Hardball Dynasty.  For shorter injury durations you will have to decide whether to go 10 games a man down or put the player on the Disabled List for 15 "days."  There are also long term injuries where players have to go on the 60-day DL.  Players also get tired from playing too much.  You have to manage your players' workloads or their production decreases.
  • Playoffs and World Series - Like a real baseball season, a Hardball Dynasty season takes a lot of work and patience.  But when you win the World Series, you feel like you have accomplished something.  You weren't going up against a computer that was easy to master.  You were going against 31 other baseball fans who were doing their best to win as well.  Now, when you tell your wife that you won the World Series she probably won't care, but the 31 strangers in your league sure will!

Cost of Hardball Dynasty

Hardball Dynasty is not a free online sports simulation game.  However, when your team does well and makes the playoffs you will get "store credit" that you can use towards future seasons.  But still, the price is reasonable for a game that will last 3 months.  You can also get discounts by purchasing multiple seasons.

A Great Online Sports Simulation Baseball Game

If you are looking for a fun online sports simulation baseball game I would definitely give Hardball Dynasty a try.  But be careful, it will get addictive.