Many tenants are not sure if they should stay in their apartment home or try and find a better deal elsewhere. And if you have received something as simple as an increased renewal notice, you might be tempted to see what else is out in the marketplace.  Especially if moving to another community will save you money, offer you the increased space you need, or even provide more safety to you.

We have listed a few reasons why you might want to move.

Your Life Has Drastically Changed

One of the more common reasons people  move is due to a marriage, a new addition to the family like a newborn, or a divorce. All of these will justify a move.

In all of the above situations the number of people in the family changes and more space or less space will be needed.  If your studio apartment offered you all the square footage you needed, your new spouse may not take kindly to the limited space. You will need to upgrade to a larger space.

And if you split a 2 bedroom with you wife and are in the middle of a divorce, you probably would downgrade to a smaller space.

You Got A New Job

A new job would also justify a move. If your apartment home is across town from your new place of work, you probably would waste a lot of time commuting across the city.  But what about if your new job is not very far from where you live today.

Now its time to do some simply math.  Add of the costs for your new move. This will include hiring professional movers or simply renting a truck and doing it own your own.  Don’t forget about adding in the cost of the new security deposit and administration fees.  Also does the new apartment cost more or less per month than you pay now. After you have these figures you can make a better decision.