Tablets, laptops, tablets, laptops...I need to decide quick!


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Alright, let's cut the chase. Just a simple search for "laptops or tablets" on a search engine ought to give enough hits to show which one to choose, generally. So that's what I'm not gonna do here.

What I will write, instead, is which one, either a laptop or a tablet, that is better suited for use in three separate environments. I suppose this will give more detail, on the lifestyle your new computing device will experience.

In any case, a user certainly aren't restricted to using only one device per environment. Giving customers choice is a highly-valued tradition among successful businesses.

However, not many people can afford to buy more than two kinds of devices for one single place. For example, a college student is unlikely to have enough funds to buy both a tablet and a laptop for use in the campus.



For those who want to skim through, presented here is my main points. Basically, use one device for one specific environments.

Laptops for college

- Ease of use, actual keyboards, many useful extra yet not available in tablets

and home;

- To do actual work and actual enjoyment

Tablets for work

- Get down to business without distractions

Now that my main point is presented, let's see more about the details. I'll start with work first.


For White-collar Workers

Tablets are best for working. See, the main advantages of tablets is that they're highly mobile, and given their small sizes, also consumes less battery, which is often crucial for those overextended meeting or business trip. But watch out! If you're looking to buy an iPad, remember that they have no replaceable battery. That means you're stuck with the same battery per iPad. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, however. Apple products are generally well-made, and even if you hated the Apple overhype, there's plenty more tablets to choose from. Tablets are growing like mushroom after rain, it seems. Just make sure you read the technical specs properly first!

So that's one more crossed off. The next reason why a tablet is more suited for workers is that it just works.

You see, most tablets come with their own specialised operating system. This means that not only they boot up faster, they are also more likeley to work better. This is because that operating system is specially designed; unlike laptops, it is not filled with a plethora of bloated drivers for 3-D graphics cards, for example. Plus, most tablets already come with cheap pre-loaded software, so no need to cough up for that expensive 'productivity software'.

One more factors why tablets are better - and your boss is gonna like this one - is that it comes with no distractions. Well, tablets are really thin. That means no space-hogging DVD drives, needlessly large hard drives or that super-cool graphics card. So this means you can spend time doing more work. And while you're working, that annoying colleague Bob will likely get busted playing games on his ultra expensive, ultra noisy and ultra heavy laptop!

There you have it, the final word on what your next choice of machine if you're looking for a promotion. Go get it and climb the corporate ladder!


For College Attendees

As said above, get a laptop. This is a personal recommendation and experience. In case you haven't noticed it, some...or most students tend to send in their assignments at embarrassingly late time. And one thing students agree about late assignments is that it needs to be typed,   and typed fast. This is one eternal advantage laptops had over the lighter, lesser tablets - it has a full keyboard! Compare that to a tablet's 'touchscreen'. Some of the virtual boards there annoyingly takes a chunk of the screen, especially jarring it you're typing that fast and you had to constantly scroll the whole thing.

Now the next reason a laptop is useful for college students is that its not only tougher, but it also protects the screen (if you folded it, that is). Well, just peek into your bag. What's in there? Screwdrivers for geeky engineering sessions? Nunchuks for tough guy moments? Sharp nailclipper for hygiene? Guess what those things will do to an unprotected tablet screen, huh.

Alright, there's that other thing. You know, games and stuff. Sure, most laptops can't run Crysis or Battlefield 3. That's what the computer lab is for. But still, you had to play games somehow. In my experience fragging fake opponents using fake grenades is extremely satisfying after completing a marathon's worth of homework! Not to mention bragging to your friends that you have a slightly better laptop, saying that my laptop's graphics is really sick, bro. It's this little moments that prevent you from rampaging due to assignment stress, or having your laptop's screen being scratched due to assigment stress.

The last shot - laptops are cheaper, thus well-within your budgetary requirements. This is because they need more precision-made and newer components, much like what desktops is to laptops a while ago. Sure, a cheap laptop may not have really sick graphics, but it sure beats having low battery due to constant gaming session, eh?


For Life at Home

Are you a work-at-home-mum? Retired pensioner? Or generally not liking the nightmarish corporate system? Well, get a laptop then. Sure, most home stayers would choose a desktop, but let's just say that they're kinda outdated. Well, other than that though, laptops are far more mobile than their desk-bound counterparts. Nothing beats rolling around in bed, swinging in hammocks or breathing natural air, all the while remaining productive and keeping the cash flowing using the laptop! You may haven't read the college section above, but try typing using tablet's virtual keyboard while in bed, hammocks or garden. Typing perpendicular with the bed is not ergonomic, plus you'd need two hands to properly use tablets. And at least laptops come with tough key protector that at least provides more resistance to green thumbs than tablet's feeble 'screen cover' will ever do.

Furthermore, even if you're just staying in the house all day, having a laptop is easier if you're just surfing the 'net or typing articles, for a prolonged time. Buying a desktop is kinda overkill. I mean, look at the size of it! Desktops definitely consume more energy than laptops[1265]. Sure, a tablet will last longer, but as mentioned above in the work section, replacing tablet battery can get rather tricky, especialy if you live in a rustic country house, faraway from any computer accessory shops.

One final blow is that, unlike tablets, laptops are really made for enjoying activities at home. The last point being that laptops come with DVD drives, large enough screens, and actual USB ports, not unlike tablets where you had to cough up additional dough for those 'USB adapters'.


So in conclusion...

Congrats for reaching the end of this guide. I hope this article is useful for you readers to make your decision. Do you agree with the points presented above, or do you have other interesting points to debate about? EItherway, just don't forget to buy extra batteries.

Now go get the laptops or tablets for your college, work and home environment!