Doing It Right - Scuba Diving

DIR Diving Philosophy

Tech diving equipment emerged out of a shared desire to safely explore and protect the underwater world. Scuba gear developed out of a desire to improve the quality of research and education in all things aquatic. The dive store is where you go to find these things.

At a high quality dive store with diving school you will find that developing skilled, knowledgeable and safe divers is a priority for the sport. So is the promotion of underwater research. This helps to pursue underwater exploration while safeguarding and supporting the integrity of the underwater world.

When defining the ties between the underwater enthusiast and genuine explores, conservation specialists or researchers, there is a unified goal within the diving community to promote the underwater world with all who wish to engage it.

Every good diver knows that using substandard diving skills with ineffective scuba gear is dangerous, unnecessary and only serves to degrade a site, school, sport and also the body through the stress ensuing with poor diving practices. Healthy divers have worked hard to achieve greater diving proficiency and to find ways to pass this proficiency forward. These deliver great pleasure and safety while helping protect fragile diving environments.

Divers around the world benefit from a global underwater education standard that is supported by the majority of diving schools around the world. Tech diving equipment has been updated, higher quality scuba gear has been delivered and dive store contents are seeing upgrades in every aspect of diving equipment thanks to the nature of higher technology and human curiosity.

Recreational diving, technical, re-breather diving, cave diving all of these areas have a conduit to deliver this education through the work of the many global underwater explorers. Even diving curriculum is available through many of these diving support websites and schools.

Most divers are dedicated to the exploration of the marine, river and cave environments of our known world. We are also here to have some very serious fun. We believe the safest and quickest way to doing it right diving philosophy is delivered by training with others who cherish these standards and values.

The philosophical goal for every do it right diver is to safely enjoy while discovering, documenting and diving into areas of cultural and ecological interest. Developing team skills is of vital importance as is developing focused support for other divers.

The best do it right divers display characteristics such as discipline, patience and dedication. Technical skills needed to support your tech diving equipment are learned as you go along in your training program. These skills include proper trim, perfect buoyancy, emergency preparedness and responding, communication for teams, full-situation awareness, contingency protocols and assisting team members.

Instructors say if you aren't going to do a tech dive right, don't do it at all. This means the right scuba gear is every bit as important as the right instructor, or diving guide. Its useless to go to a dive store without knowing what you need, in the same way, not knowing what to look for in a good instructor is equally important. It is for these very reasons that the do it right diving philosophy was developed.

Total and complete thoroughness matched with patience and practice are the keystones to a great training. With the inherent risks of a tech dive, flexible approaches to how to handle the loading of complex equipment is only one of many issues that need to be carefully communicated between beginner and pro. Never allow yourself to be rushed through a technical dive training. Your diving partners should be your most trusted companions.

If you are looking to discover a diving school or training program, simply follow these simple guidelines and your diving adventures will take you places you never imagined you would ever go. From the depths of a hidden ancient river cavern, to the sparkling glow of a mysterious marine-cave lake-- the adventures to be found in the underwater world are waiting to blow your mind and expand your capacity for appreciation of beauty.

Choose your dive gear and team partners carefully, and always remember to adhere to the principles of the do it right philosophy for divers. Safety, protection, fun. Keeping it simple is always the best way through. Bottom's up.

Scuba divers checking the shipwreck

Divers at the Silver Comet shipwreck.
Credit: Marcin Bieganowski

Divers from TecDiveGear exploring several wreck diving night time.