The 2012 City Mini stroller by Baby Jogger should be just as good as the award winning City Mini stroller of 2011. The only difference is that it will be a bit better due to a few feature upgrades. As noted the 2011 stroller was featured in countless lists as one of the best strollers of 2011 and for some people like myself the most obvious flaw in the 2011 city jogging stroller was addressed and fixed.

As I’ve noted before my wife and I currently use our 2011 City Mini stroller more often than any other stroller. It’s our go to stroller of choice for errands, and unless we crack out our BOB stroller for jogging off road we use this stroller for almost everything these days.

The 2012 City Mini Has Storage Compartment That Is Easier To Access

This isn’t to say there is nothing we dislike about the 2011. Above all else the worst feature about the 2011 City Mini is the under carriage storage basket. It’s very difficult to get into. And if you have even a medium sized diaper bag, purse, or shopping bag it can be a monumental struggle to get it into the storage area.

2012 Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Storage Basket AccessBaby Jogger apparently heard the complaints and came out with a fix to the problem. It’s probably not the best fix in the world and it probably won’t satisfy everyone but the 2012 City Mini stroller will now have a storage compartment which is easier to get into and out of due to a redesign of the U-bar under the stroller seat near the wheel base.

Since I don’t own the 2012 stroller I can’t say how much a difference this makes but I can only assume it will be noticeable as the 2011 storage area is so challenging that any improvement has to be noticeable. The new 2012 City Mini stroller is now selling so I may just get my hands on it to try it out.

More Room For Baby In The New City Mini Stroller

In addition to changes to the storage access the City Mini 2012 stroller will also sport 1.5 more inches of seat depth over the 2011 model. This won’t matter much to parents of small children or young kids but as any parent of toddlers knows the extra room can make a big difference to bigger kids. Even though they are capable of walking doesn’t mean they always do. A little more room can go a long way.

The 2012 Baby Jogger Mini Has A Latch That Locks A Folded Stroller In Position

Aside from some new color options and some existing color tweaks the only other change/upgrade in the City Mini is the addition of an automatic latch that automatically locks the folded stroller into a folded position. This can be handy when handling a folded stroller but I’m suspicious about the ease of use.

With the 2011 model my wife and I have never had a problem with the stroller opening up when we didn’t want it to but a lock that keeps the stroller folded automatically could be annoying. One thing we love about the 2011 City Mini is that we can fold and open the stroller with such relative ease. I guess we will have to fiddle with the new model to see how we feel about this option.

I still contend that the City Mini is a jogging stroller which is only to be used on paved city conditions. The 2012 model weighs in at 16.8 lbs and the front wheel remains an 8 inch wheel, which is a bit small for off road terrain. The 2011 City Mini is selling for a big discount to the new model so consider your financial situation in relation to the new features if you have yet to buy. The older model stroller may be just fine for you and your baby.

This is the new stroller released in the Spring of 2012. It is basically a large version of the 2012 City Mini and a bit better for taking off the sidewalk.