What's The Best Garden Shed Design For Your HomeCredit: home.rjleaman.com

Do you delight in spending time out in your garden, but would really like a dry secure place to keep your tools and potting plants? I had the same problems too and had to use the basement until we finally got our garden shed built.

When you have a building for storing your outdoor tools, you won't need to make needless trips back and forth from the basement or garage. You're also a lot more likely to take much better care of your tools. If you abide by the points below before buying your garden shed or one of the many Wood Shed Kits on the market and you'll finish up with a product that suits your needs.

Let's begin with the Materials...

Choosing your shed material is important and can be affected by harsh weather conditions. High winds, cold winters and hot summers. Most storage buildings are made using one of the 3 main building products...Wood, metal and vinyl.

Wooden built wood sheds  have a eco friendly feel that goes with the garden and the surroundings. All the same they require regular upkeep like re-staining or sealing the wood every 2 or 3 years. Despite the strength of wood, it can rot, split, warp or become subject to mold and mildew, and can also be very vulnerable to termites and other destructive insects. So  outdoor storage buildings constructed from wood need to be treated for protection and long life.

Another alternative is Metal Storage Buildings. These commonly come in prefab kits and are more durable and less inexpensive than wood. But they don’t blend in with their surroundings like wood does and can make your backyard look a little dull.

Vinyl or plastic garden storage kits make use of dense molded plastics like PVC and polyethylene are cheaper than metal garden sheds. These vinyl sheds are not sensitive to termite and other insect damage, and are practically maintenance-free. They  also come in many colors' and styles to accent your home and surroundings.

Now let's look at the purpose and what you're going to use it for...

The most crucial component when purchasing a shed is recognizing what you're planning on using it for. Will you be using it to start off your plants? Or merely as a place to store stuff? Or maybe you want to use your garden shed as a workshop? If you are planning on using it as a potting area, you might want to get one known as a potting shed. These are small buildings that are the right size and design for potting your delicate seedlings.

Storage Shed(48204)Look at what materials or functions you’ll require your garden shed to do. Will you want large bins to put in compost, soil, mulch, and other various garden materials? Shelves that support heavy pots and a good solid workbench provide an easy spot for re-potting. A small, outside storage shed or potting shed can be a real plus.

Make sure it gives you enough room to work in. If you have to move your lawn mower and other large tools before you can begin working at your potting bench the storage building will not be as useful as you had original thought. Some gardeners select a built-in potting workbench, while others favor a wheeled workbench so they can take it outside in good weather and leave it indoors when its bad weather.

Now let's look at Storage Shed Design and Garden Shed Designs...

You normally have 3 options when it concerns building your garden shed. You can have it delivered already together, purchase a prefab kit that's partial assembly, or build it yourself. It all depends upon how much you want to spend and your skills.

The simplest, cheapest sheds come in a kit. The variety of sizes, shapes,  and designs is nearly infinite, ranging from bare bones, small structure for storing your gardening tools, to a back yard barn big enough to park a car in.

Garden Shed(48203)If you’re squeezed for space the garden hutch is a good alternative. If you’re only wanting to store your tools an outside storage unit, in kit form might be all that’s required. If you'd like some real style, extra add-ons such as barn-style doors, cedar shingles and siding, window shutters, windows and skylights add style and charm.

A lot of garden sheds are made modular so you can add a addition in the future. Make certain any windows and doors you add are lockable. Also make sure the window and door locations will suit your needs.

There are a lot of finer details you need to know prior to buying your garden shed. If you follow to these guide lines, that choice should become a lot simpler, and most importantly you will have a garden shed which you can use and enjoy for many years to come. AS well be sure to check out the big garden stores for specials on Outdoor Storage Sheds.