When I was a teenager, I was quite a bit overweight. This did absolutely nothing to help my confidence. I didn’t like the whole situation too much and my dad could see that. So he said, “you know what? We’re going to try something with you. I’ve read about this awesome diet drink called Nancy Shakes."

At least I think that’s what it was called. I tried it out and I could see the results if I kept at it and kept doing it, but it was just horrible tasting.

It was something that I don’t know that kids my age should have been subjected to. And I don’t see them around anymore so I’m not sure if it was healthy for me.

But, surely there’s a better way to do it nowadays. And there most certainly are! There are plenty of great ways to lose weight now and they’ll help you look good, gain confidence, and some energy too.

Let’s talk about a few of the ways that I know. There’s a lot to this quick weight loss discussion because it kind of changes every year. Everyone has their own opinion. So you have to do your own filtering while keeping tabs on the one that works out there. Let's jump into the details.

Follow Those in the Know

One of the ways that you can do that is to follow those who know what's going on in their own podcasting efforts, in their blogs, and other types of relevant sites out there.

Usually someone who is really vocal and produces regular content on weight-loss methods will know a good deal of what works, what doesn’t work, and how you can best experience weight loss for your particular situation.

It’s kind of a shortcut if you can find some of these people who are podcasting or blogging about it regularly.

Cut Out The White

Another method that I’ve tried, and I think it’s pretty interesting and easy to remember, is ‘To cut out the white’. I guess this is just a mnemonic to help you remember about carbs and that’s to slow down or cut out just about anything colored white except, you know, veggies and other healthy goodies that are white.

The ones to cut out are things like rice, bread, any type of those sugary items out there. I’m sure there are plenty more items out there but those are the three main things that I would have to remind myself like, “Hey, I need to take it easy on these.“

This is true because I really don’t need them and it’s best to fill in those not-so-healthy choices with something else like a vegetable that is more beneficial for my body.

Person stepping on a scale, monitoring their weight loss.
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Working Out With YouTube

You can start a twenty-minute, low impact routine with YouTube videos. It’s pretty easy if you just pop over to YouTube.com and type in ‘Ten Minute Workout’ or ‘Exercise Video.’ Then you can sort by time or pick ‘long’ in the content filter to find some really, really well-done exercise routines.

There are so many out there that you can just pick what works for you, put it on a playlist, and then just have this going on your Apple iPad or maybe have it hooked up to your TV or something.

You could also just have it going on your computer when you’re in the same room to where 'BOOM!' you’ve really got some quick routines that you can run through. This can help change your routines enough so you don’t get bored with them, and that’s a great thing!

Losing Weight is Best Done Your Way

If you’re looking for the best ways to lose weight, you really kind of have to keep your pulse on what’s out there and find out what best works for you. Try nice little mnemonic things to help you remember and add some really short bursts of awesome exercise into your daily routine.

Why don’t you go out there now and find three ten minute videos on YouTube that you can consider doing as early as tomorrow but no later than next week.