If you are familiar at all with baby strollers then you probably know of the BOB Revolution line of strollers. They are one of the best baby strollers on the market today and in recent years. They are also somewhat expensive but not nearly as expensive as some other high end competitors.

When shopping for baby strollers one of the first decisions parents make is how much money they are going to pay. As you well know many cheap strollers are available as well as heavily discounted used strollers on Craigslist. Typically parents with a bit more in their budgets tend to go for quality strollers over cheap strollers if only for the convenience of both themselves and their young children.

BOB Revolution Strollers

The Best Prices & Differences In Models

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, Black
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(price as of Dec 31, 2016)
BOB Revolution CE Stroller, Black
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New BOB Revolutions strollers typically sell in the $400-$500 range.  This depends on which BOB jogging stroller you choose as well as where you buy them and if the product is on sale or not.

Most local stores will sell these strollers closer to MSRP with the occasional sale however online retailers like Amazon will usually sell on the low end routinely giving you a better price on most days. As of this writing (Feb. ‘12) the 2012 BOB Revolution SE stroller is selling on Amazon for $379 compared to $370 for the CE stroller.

The workout strollers tend to be a little cheaper than the all terrain strollers and the singles are always cheaper than the Duallies (aka double child strollers).

The BOB Revolution strollers are by far the most commonly purchased strollers in the BOB lineup yet one question is very common: “What is the difference between the SE & CE BOB strollers?

In all ways of measuring p these two strollers up the differences are slim. For 2012 BOB strollers the MSRP retail price for the Revolution CE stroll is $469 compared to $449 for the Revolution SE stroller. The price however is a reflection of the product differences (most likely materials costs) and not really a difference in anything else.

The Main Difference Between BOB SE And CE Strollers

When you get down to it the main difference between the two versions of the Revolution stroller is in the tires, wheels, and spokes.

In short the wheels in the Revolution SE are a bit bigger and made of different materials then the CE version. This results in a slightly heavier stroller (25 lbs vs. 23 lbs). Additionally slightly different construction between the two results in  a slightly longer overall length in the strollers front to back (a difference of only 0.5 inches), and a slightly shorter wheel base in the SE stroller (1.5 inches) compared to the CE stroller.

  • The BOB SE stroller uses pneumatic tires in the back which are 16 inches compared to 12.5 inches in the CE. This provides better control over rough terrain.
  • The wheels in the SE are made of a high-impact polymer composite compared to an aluminum alloy rim in the CE which helps keep the weight down.
  • The SE stroller has high-impact polymer composite spokes compared to stainless steel spokes and alloy nipples in the CE stroller.

Each of these differences are not extremely different but enough to sway the careful shopper. Parents looking for lighter strollers which fold or sit in a smaller footprint will want the BOB Revolution CE stroller, especially if they don’t intend on using the stroller on rough terrain like trails.

Likewise parents who do not need the slight decrease in foot print or wheel size and would like the added stability of off-road capable wheels will like the BOB Revolution SE jogging stroller instead. And as an added benefit they will enjoy a slightly better price too.

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