If you are a parent who values quality strollers over cheap strollers then obviously the BOB line of strollers is right for you. BOB is well known to manufacture some of the best jogging strollers around and their price isn’t cheap. BOB strollers don’t tend to be the most expensive stroller on the market but almost any new BOB stroller whether purchased on sale or not will still run you at least $300 and used models sold on Craigslist will routinely run in excess of $200.

Of all the BOB strollers the Revolution strollers are easily sell in the greatest volume. They are versatile strollers which work well for taking to the grocery store or walking on a trail in the park. The Revolution SE stroller has bigger wheels making rough terrain much easier to handle while still maintaining a swivel front wheel which makes day to day errands easier with your child.

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, Black
Amazon Price: $459.99 $348.11 Buy Now
(price as of May 12, 2014)

If you are an avid outdoorsman or simply someone who likes going off road more frequently than not you may wonder if buying a BOB Sport Utility stroller is right for you. The Sport Utility stroller is usually a bit cheaper than the Revolution models and it is better designed for off road wandering so it may make sense but as a parent who has owned both I can tell you there is a noticeable difference that is glaring and may make a huge difference in your decision on which stroller to buy.

BOB Sport Utility Single Stroller, Orange
Amazon Price: $389.99 $312.00 Buy Now
(price as of May 12, 2014)

The BOB Revolution SE Stroller vs The BOB Sport Utility Stroller

The Biggest Difference Is Price

Price, obviously, is the biggest difference between these two strollers. The 2012 Sport Utility Jogging stroller has an MSRP of $379 compared to the Revolution SE MSRP of $449. Some shops will give excellent discounts on this price and as always Amazon typically is the everyday low price leader on these strollers.

As I write this (Feb. ’12) the Sport Utility stroller is selling for $309 compared to $379 for the Revolution SE on Amazon. I’ve seen prices better in independent shops when big sales or liquidations hit but usually Amazon is the best price.

Used on Craigslist you can usually get good condition Revolutions in the $250 range compared to Sport Utilities around $200.

But what differences are there other than price?

The Most Important Difference Between The Revolution SE Stroller and The BOB Sport Utility Jogger

Everyone wants a better price but when price takes a back seat function takes the front. In my opinion, owning both of these strollers at some point, the most important distinction between the two is the front wheel. The Sport Utility Jogging Stroller is meant for that, sport and utility. It is versatile and sturdy and meant for rough condition typically found outdoors. The front wheel does not swivel which adds a lot of control to rough trails, dirt roads, potholes, or whatever.

The Revolution SE is a city stroller which is capable of going outdoors but doesn’t excel at it exactly. The wheels are big and sturdy but the swivel front wheel is tougher to control on rough conditions. Even when locked in position the wheel turns ever so slightly after each bump and knock. The Spot Utility does not do this making it much better for off road conditions but much worse for anything else.

If you want the Sport Utility for any reason other than your love for off road jogging or walking then you should probably pony up the extra $50-$75 for the SE. You may think a solid state front wheel will be fine for use around the town but folding it is a chore due to the front wheel that doesn’t swivel. You either have an awkward fold or you have to remove the wheel to make the size smaller.

Folding it down is not the only problem either. When following a trail or road you are going straight but navigating supermarket isles or crowds at a mall requires tight turns. A solid non-swiveling front wheel makes this very difficult. It may not be too bad if you’ve got space but crowds make it tougher as do a sleeping baby. To do a tight turn in the BOB Sport Utility you have to pop a miniature wheelie to turn the thing which can cause some slight jerks for the baby. This is not something you want to do all the time.

In my opinion the BOB Sport Utility stroller is an excellent choice for people who actually intend to use their stroller outdoors. If you get one though you will still probably want something better suited for use in your local supermarket. The BOB Revolution SE or CE perhaps?

The BOB Ironman Is Another Excellent Jogging Stroller

It's Better For Road Running

BOB Ironman Single Stroller, Yellow
Amazon Price: $419.99 $320.00 Buy Now
(price as of May 12, 2014)