I find that there are two groups of people shopping for BOB jogging strollers (sport strollers). Here are people looking for lower priced strollers and there are people who are actually avid joggers or outdoors people. Almost without fail these are the two groups of people shopping for these BOB strollers and my advice is almost always the same.

If you are shopping for the BOB Sport Utility stroller or the BOB Ironman stroller because they are lower priced you should probably look for another brand or at least for a used BOB Revolution SE on Craigslist instead. Used BOB revolution strollers cost less and they are almost always still in great shape but you don’t sacrifice the versatility that I sport model stroller simply doesn’t offer.

Prices Of BOB Fitness Strollers Compared To The Revolution

Price always matters and for some people it matters more than it should. The MSRP for the Ironman Jogging stroller is $409. The MSRP for the BOB Sport Utility Jogger is $379. For comparison sake the MSRP for the BOB Revolution SE Jogging stroller is $449. For those on a budget unit may make sense to buy the Sport Utility but unless you actually go jogging all the time on trails or roads a used Revolution on Craigslist purchased for $250 is going to be best.

For those budget minded folks who are also avid trail and off-road joggers used BOB sport models can also be found on Craigslist in the vicinity of $200. In my experience off-road joggers get beat up a bit more due to rougher terrain and due to the elements, dirt, and rocks. Used sport models should be inspected more closely especially since they still command good secondary market prices.

The BOB Sport Utility vs. BOB Ironman Strollers – Which Is Best?

The question of which is best is irrelevant when comparing these two jogging strollers. Once you’ve determined that a fixed-front wheel sport stroller is best for you, regardless of its lower price than the Revolution, then you need to decide where you are most likely to be jogging with your baby and buy the stroller that’s best for your needs. For instance, street joggers shouldn’t buy the Sport Utility jogger, they should buy the Ironman stroller instead. The Ironman stroller has the same suspension as the other models but the wheels are better designed for pavement and the entire stroller is lighter which can make for easier jogging.

On the flip side rough road, trail, or off-road joggers will want the utility of the BOB SU model instead. The larger, thicker wheels and the more substantial wheel base will give better control over bumps making it easier for you to control the stroller while you are on the go.

For your baby, he or she shouldn’t know the difference. All BOB strollers are constructed of the highest quality and they all have excellent suspension systems as well as creature comforts like storage pockets, footrests, reclining seats on newer models, etc. For you however you will enjoy the joggers for their function as well as their lower price.

Of course the negatives will persist. These Sport jogging strollers take up a bit more space, don’t fold down as small and are less versatile for everyday activities like hitting up the grocery store but because of the lower price buying a second stroller for use around the town becomes a little more affordable.