Barefoot Running

If you're an avid runner you've likely gone through several pairs of running shoes in your lifetime. Heck, even if you're not a regular a runner there's a good chance you've purchased a few pairs of running shoes at one time or another. The features that sold you on it might have been the sleek design, the lace up technology or the most recent commercial you saw, but likely you didn't weigh in how good the shoe was for your foot.

Conventional running shoes have been around for so long they've become the norm. The only problem is, since in the creation of running shoes there has been an increase in the number of foot and back pain problems in first world countries. It's taken us a while but there is now evidence pointing to the fact that what we thought were good running shoes are no longer actually good for us.

Why is this?

Years ago human beings romaed barefoot across the world. We hunted prey barefoot, climbed mountains barefoot and of course ran great distances barefoot. Throughout our eveolution our feet developed a stron tactile sensation to feel the ground beneath us. We learned to run and when landing on our foot, to absorb the shock of our bodyweight with our entire foot. Our feet served us well.

But with the pattern of urbanization, shoes became necessary to protect us from the environment and thus we lost the antural abilities that came along with moving around barefoot. Running shoes remove the tactile awareness barefeet allow and mvoe the point of impact to the heel. These changes might seem insigifnicant but the shock rfom our bodyweight landing on our feet now travels up our legs and into our spine. We no longer balance out our bodyweight and instead rely on shoes to support us.

In time these decisions can lead to serious damage and generaly bodily discomfort. It's at this time we begin to question what caused this harm and we have to look back and analyze the decision we made that led us to this point.

As it turns out, someone has already done this for you and pointed out that running shoes can potentially have this very negative effect on our bodies. In lieu of this discovery, research has been focused into barefoot running and how it's possible to get back in touch with our natural roots while still poretcting our feet from an urban environment.

The answer has been minimalist shoes. This revolutionary footwear has combined the way we're supposed to move with the protection we need from a city-like environment. More and more people have been making the switch to barefoot shoes and the results have so far been incredible.

Runners have served there purpose, they were edsigned with all the right thoughts in mind but the fact remains that there is better footwear available that can prevent yuo from develpoing long term foot, knee and back pain. If you're worried about potential damage, now might be the time to think about making the switch back to barefoot.