Within the past couple years, there were numerous vampire movies that hit theaters and have grossed millions of dollars. Movies like Van Helsing, Ultraviolet and From Dusk 'Til Dawn are all included on this list of movies but there are trends that I have seen lately. In years past, vampires used to only live inside scary movies but the popularity these trends have opened up other platforms such as television shows (Blade the series and Vampire Diaries), spoofs in Youtube videos and even cartoons. After reading this article, I want you to ask yourself “what's your favorite kind of vampire movie”?


 Now we all know that I love superheroes and action sequences, so I naturally love the “Superhero” vampire movie. This kind of vampire movie usually has explosions, car chases, martial arts, fight choreography, stunts and lots of weapons! This movie will usually have the main hero fighting vampires or is a vampire who is fighting other opposition. Franchises like Blade, Underworld, and Van Helsing have together grossed millions of dollars and coincidentally Kate Beckinsale is in two of the three franchises mentioned!


The highest grossing category of vampire movie is the “Romantic”. The Twilight franchise alone has grossed close to 800,00,00 dollars from theater sales so far and shows no signs of halting in growth. As you guessed, in this category, the drama in the romance drives the movie itself and everything else revolves around the hero of the film fighting for love.

Let Me In

  The next type of vampire movie is the “Diseased”. In this type of movie, the characters are afflicted by their vampirism for a number of reasons. An example of this would be in Let Me In, the main character Abby, shows that she suffers because she can’t stand the sunlight, she can’t eat regular food and must feed on blood to survive. Even though these are typical vampire issues, the movie is driven by her suffering versus celebrating the fact that she is ageless, super-humanly strong and can heal from wounds. Similarly, in Interview with the Vampire, Brad Pitt's character resents the fact that to survive, he must harm others.

30 days of Night

  My personal favorite kind of vampire movie is the “Monster”. In this form of vampire movie, the vampires are what they were created to be, MONSTERS! They have blood oozing from their mouths, they savagely beat, torture and kill human beings for either sustenance or amusement. The perfect example of this is in 30 Days of Night the beasts attempted to destroy an entire town in Alaska by savagely attacking locals with their razor-sharp nails and jagged protruding teeth. I loved every second of this movie.

Vampires Suck

Also don’t forget the last kind of vampire movie, the “Comedic”. In this variety, bloodsuckers are a joke. They aren’t really scary, there is no real element of fear in the movie and the audience spends more time laughing at them then wiggling in their chair from terror. The most recent example of this is Vampires Suck which spooked many of the supernatural movies that dealt with vampires and science fiction. 

In closing, just remember that the point of these kinds of movies is to entertain you above all else.  Just make sure to watch out for pale people with fangs leaping for your throat!