Using money management software to balance your checkbook, keep track of investments and loans, and create a budget helps you manage your money better. When you see the reports on the computer screen, you can better see how to improve your financial picture. And the software programs available are reasonably priced. Not sure which is the best personal finance software to invest your money in? Here’s a comparison of top selling home personal finance software programs to help you decide.

Quicken Deluxe and Quicken Premier Home Personal Finance Software

Quicken, by Intuit, comes in two versions; the basic deluxe version and more advance premier version. If you are only looking to balance your checkbook and keep track of invBest personal finance softwareCredit: Amazonestments and debt, then the deluxe will suit your needs without all the bells and whistles. With Quicken Deluxe home personal finance software you can enter all your accounts and keep them updated either by manually inputting transactions or by letting the software do it for you by connecting directly to your bank. Most users probably won’t use all the other features, but they are worth looking at. You can set up a budget to alert you when you are about to overspend, create a debt reduction plan, and create various reports to monitor where you spend your money and how your investments are doing. It also has some great calculators, such as a loan calculator, to help you plan for future financial obligations.

Quicken Deluxe vs. Quicken Premier

If you want more investment planning and analysis options and tax preparation help, then buy the premier version of Quicken. The premier version includes more tax deduction analysis and reports, Morningstar reports, and more visuals of how well your investments are performing. Most people will be satisfied with the less expensive Quicken Deluxe however.

You Need a Budget Home Personal Finance Software

You Need a Budget personal finance software focuses solely on setting up a realistic and usable budget. And customers report it does this better then Quicken. Through analyses of where you spend every penny, You Need a Budget creates a budget for you to use and shows you exactly where and how you are spending too much and living beyond your means to help you get out of debt.

This is a good compliment to the Quicken personal finance software if you want more budgeting direction. If you want everything in one place, from your checkbook register to your budget, then you’ll be happy with just having the Quicken software.

One last best peWrite your will yourselfCredit: Amazonrsonal finance software to add to your arsenal on financial planning and a top seller is Quicken’s WillMaker. Although no one wants to think about the “what if”, it will greatly benefit your family to have a will. If you don’t have complicated finances and assets, then you can use this software to write a legal will. It applies your state’s laws and provides documents for a health care directive, funeral arrangements, estate executor and more. You can even add information on how and who should care for your pets if the need arises. This home personal finance software makes it easy to complete a will at home and inexpensively.