Waterproof iPad CaseCredit: Amazon

With a waterproof iPad case you can safely use your iPad as a sound system for the pool, read or watch movies in the pool, take it hiking and boating, or use it for work outdoors in the rain, sleet, and snow. These cases will also protect against sand and debris from scratching your screen and are great for using your iPad to follow a recipe while cooking in the kitchen. Your iPad is well covered so you don’t have to worry about dirty hands touching the screen. You can get a good quality iPad waterproof case for relatively cheap, in the $30 to $60 range that will also protect your Kindle, other e-reader device, other tablets, or even your iPhone.

DriPro Waterproof Cases for iPad 2 Review

DriPro makes two styles of waterproof cases for the iPad 2, the iPWaterproof Case iPadCredit: Amazonad Sporty Waterproof Case and the iPad Executive Portfolio Waterproof Case. The sporty model is essentially a thick plastic bag with a strap that you seal your iPad into. The executive model looks more like a standard leather cover except the iPad is sealed inside a plastic case.

For both models, the manufacturer claims it can go under water up to 33 feet. With your purchase of the sporty model, you get a set of underwater ear buds. If the sporty does fall into water, it’s lightweight enough that it should float if there is enough air inside the case.

The sporty model is prices about $10 less than the executive and is good for general leisure use of the iPad. If use your iPad for work or want a stand, you’ll probably want the professional looking executive DriPro case.


Cheaper than other waterproof case

Has a portfolio case with stand model

Can use ear buds

Sporty model comes with ear buds


No stand or hand holder for sporty model

Overboard iPad Waterproof Protective Case, for iPad 1 or iPad 2 Review

The Overboard iPad Waterproof Protective Case is similar to the DriPrWaterproof ipad casesCredit: Amazono sporty waterproof case. It’s a thick plastic bag you slip your iPad into. It also comes with a strap to carry the case over your should. On the back is a elastic strap on the back of the case to so you can easily hold it with one hand. If you drop it, the manufacturer claims you iPad will remain dry for up to 19 feet, and that it will float to the top if dropped in water. Although you do need to be sure there is air inside the case to allow it to float. This case gets bonus points for being made of environmentally friendly biodegradable material.


Has hand holder

Designed to float

Environmentally friendly


Priced higher, but is less than $75

No access to any ports


Users of all of these waterproof iPad cases have found that they do protect the iPad when dropped in water. So you don’t have to test the case and your expensive iPad yourself. But you can feel confident that if you seal the case per the instructions, you won’t have to worry about using your iPad near water. However, these cases do have limits as you won't have easy access to the ports or camera. If you also use your iPad indoors regularly, then you may need a second cover the your iPad that's more functional.