Although they are a popular choice among bigger companies, TV commercials are far too expensive for most start-up small businesses to produce on their own. While ads in magazines, newspapers, and on the radio are slightly less expensive, they still entail a rather large up-front cost when they comprise part of a long-term marketing campaign. Though it costs a lot less to launch a marketing campaign on the internet, it is not a fool-proof method. Not just any slapdash array of ads and chain emails will do when the internet is already strewn with failed and flawed ad campaigns. Here are some helpful ways that you might consider to make email marketing work for you, not against you!  

  • Be sure to include your URL everywhere in order to maximize its exposure. By listing the address of your site on everything you release, you are making strides toward ensuring more internet traffic. Include the in your email signature. One of the best things you can do for your company in this day and age is to make sure that your internet presence is in tip-top shape.  
  • Utilize blogging technology to keep your customers up-to-date with your latest goings-on! A blog is a collection of short pieces, usually presided over by one person. Blogs are very popular as a medium of expression and relation of information, as they can be updated quickly and without much hassle. There are widgets on your blog that you can install so that anyone subscribed to your blog will receive updates in their inbox when your blog is updated. 
  • In a similar vein to blogging, creating original podcasts can be a wonderful technique to serve as a stand-in for expensive TV and radio ads. You get all the benefits of long-form advertising with spending the additional money, and have extreme creative control over your advertisement. Also, these make great content for email marketing. By placing an embedded video or link in your email you will be providing a more interesting email that is more likely to be read. 

While not every one of these techniques may be appropriate for your business, they come together to create a series of possibilities that you can surely put to use. Do you market research about your consumer base to gage how they might best be influenced in terms of messaging. Whether your customer base is more likely to respond to a mass emaildelivery, website incentives, blogs, or any combination of the above-listed techniques, you can quickly boost your internet presence to great results in no time!