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Another great top loading washing machine from Whirlpool

With so many washing machines on the market nowadays, choosing a new one can be more than a little confusing. There are plenty of budget models, running at well under £200, and plenty of top of the line models that can cost close to a thousand. But the majority of people just want a good, mid-range appliance that does what it's supposed to do. A mid-range washing machine should cost between about £200 and £400, so it doesn't need to break the bank. Whilst it might not be swimming in special features like more top of the line models, it should be good quality and reliable. And there are still so many to choose from. Today we're looking at models from Whirlpool and Bush, both respectable electronics manufacturers with good reputations for making quality products. For Whirlpool we have the WWDC7210, and for Bush we have the 1249CRL. Both of these are good mid-range machines, but which one is better? We ran a head to head comparison to see how these machines differed. If you're on the lookout for a new mid-range washing machine then keep reading to find out our recommendation.


Because most houses already have a designated area for a washing machine with a plumbing connection, dimensions can be an important consideration when buying a washer. You want the machine to fit into your home, after all. Both of these machines are standard size, being around 85 cm tall and 60 cm wide. The Whirlpool is about 58 cm deep, while the Bush is only 56 cm deep. So both machines should fit comfortably in most pre designated washing machine areas.


Expressed in kilos, a washing machine's capacity is how much laundry you can safely put into one load. A larger capacity means that you can wash more at one time, thereby running the machine less often and saving on electricity costs. Both these machines have a pretty high seven kilo capacity.

Special Features...

As you would expect from a mid-range machine, both appliances have a few special features. Both machines have delayed start programmes, hand wash settings and variable spin cycles. However, the Whirlpool also has patented “6th sense” technology, which automatically adjusts the amount of water and power you're using with each individual load to save you money on utility bills.


Not only is the initial price of an appliance important, but you also need to consider the running costs, how much it will cost you in electricity bills to run the machine. Both these machines get an A+ energy rating, meaning that they're very economical. The Whirlpool has an average annual running cost of about £20, the Bush of around £19.


The Whirlpool retails for around £270, whilst the Bush sells for about £250.

Which is Better?

Tough call, they're both pretty good machines. But forced to choose, we go for the Bush model. Despite the Whirlpool's “6th sense” technology, the running cost of the Bush is slightly lower, and the purchase price is lower too, making it a better bargain.