Getting a wheatgrass juicer can literally change your life. You probably heard a lot of the great benefits of wheatgrass and that is why you are looking for a juicer to enable you to get the benefits of this type of grass. This article will be about the different juicers that are available as well as where you can get them for a good price. It will also talk about some of the benefits of wheatgrass as well as what it can and can't do for you.

One of the benefits of wheatgrass in general is that it can help increase the amount of red blood cells in your body. It is also said to help increase your metabolism as well. This means that people who are trying to lose weight can benefit from drinking wheatgrass juice. Another great benefit is its alkalinity properties. For the most part, most green type of foods will help you reduce the acid in your blood which is something that if you have too much of, can cause you to be sick more frequently. This is one of the main benefits of wheatgrass. It can also increase your body's ability to heal wounds and recover from certain illnesses as well. There are a ton of other benefits as well, although many of them seem a bit overboard.

When buying a wheatgrass juicer, you will probably want to start looking for them on the internet. This way, you will be able to get a general idea of how much each type if juicer will run for. Generally, you ca find one for about $50 or so. To get the wheatgrass itself, the best thing to do is to just grow them yourself. You can buy the seeds and the trays to put them in online. For a 10 by 10 inch tray, you will be able to produce about 10 ounces of wheatgrass juice. On average, it will take about 7 to 12 days for the wheatgrass to grow. At that point, you can cut them and store them in a refrigerator where it can last up to 10 days.

This may seem like a lot of hard work, but with the amount of benefits that drinking the juice from wheatgrass can give you, it can be well worth it. If you have ever been to a smoothie store that sells these things by the shot, you will know just how expensive these things can be. A small cup can cost you about $3. With just $1 a week, you can grow the wheatgrass yourself.

Getting a wheatgrass juicer is one of those things that people can think about doing but never get around to doing it. Since this is your health we're talking about, regardless of how much work it may seem to get a cup of wheatgrass juice, it will be worth it. Just keep in mind that there are limits to what wheatgrass can do. Although there are claims of it curing this and that, there hasn't been much evidence showing this so be careful what you buy into especially if it's from someone trying to sell you their special wheatgrass.