Back in the day there was always the guy in the shop who was the champion tire changer.  Guys would compete for the shop honor at being able to break the bead and flip a new tire on the rim quicker than the rest.  Sure any amateur mechanic can still make use of the manual tire changer tools.  Things like the one from Harbor Freight or Ranger which bolt to the shop floor and make use of leverage and a lot of manual effort to do the job that a new mechanical tire changing machine can do with ease.  Not to mention that the manual route, while it may save a little money in the short term, is not usually good for the rims.  Ranger tire changer machines have a special offshoot line of Rimguard machines that use special mechanics to protect valuable rims.  With a cult of people packing rims that cost more than the car itself it is certainly advisable to use the most optimal equipment.  But once the tire is changed and on the rim, the task reverts to one of wheel balancing and there are many options for such a task.  One could use a non-rotating static bubble tire balancer which is cheap and uses a self leveling stand to do the work.  But if you have a real shop and expect to balance quite a few tires then there really is no alternative to the dynamic digital wheel balancer machine.

  Many things can go quite wrong when a car or truck's tires are not in balance.  Symptoms like steering wheel wobble and other vibrations can cause damage to the vehicle suspension system as well as to the tires themselves through uneven wear patterns which will result in an early replacement tire being needed.  There is no need to pit early if you have balanced a tire on the dynamic digital wheel balancer machine.  The dynamic wheel balancer machine will rotate the tire at a high speed, usually in the hundreds of revolutions per minute (RPMs).  Sensors will measure the imbalance and determine points that need treatment on the tire.  Then one can apply those special zinc tire weights and the ride will be much smoother from there on out.  It is not a true mechanic shop if there is not a digital wheel balancer machine on the premises.

This Tire Never Saw A Digital Tire Balancer Machine
Credit: photo by new_and_used_tires on Flickr