Determining the cost of replacing automobile wheel bearings

Knowing the causes of wheel bearing problems

The wheel bearing in a car or truck is what allows the wheel to go around. At times one will need to be serviced. To check it one would have to take it apart, look it over and then perform any maintenance that might be needed.

A way to determine whether or not your wheel bearing is in need of repair is to listen for a strange sound, somewhat like a growl during times you are driving fast. 

Causes of problems in wheel bearings

Problems with your wheel bearings can occur do to issues with too much or not enough lubricant. Not having the bearing installed correctly. Besides the growling sound, other ways that can alert you to potential issues are smoke around your tires, vibrations when you are driving, or a screeching noise. Once you have determined that you do need work on your wheel bearings, the next questions is usually - how much will a wheel bearing replacement cost?

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Wheel bearing replacement cost is hard to pin point, as a lot of variables go into the actual price. Certain cars may cost more than others, the price of the bearings can also vary greatly, depending on where you shop and even what part of the country you are in. Generally labor will be up to $150, it can go as low as $70.

The cost of the parts can be as high as $400 or as low as $40-$50. Again much depends on the price of the part for your vehicle. You can hope to pay the $110 for the low end of the spectrum, up to as much as over $500 for the high end.

When you replace your wheel bearings, it is a good idea to use the same type as replacements. This helps to keep things easier for you, use the same size style. If you are planning to replace them yourself, take a quick look to find out if you will need any special tools. This will help to avoid a second trip to the auto parts store.

If you have never done this before, read all that you can about it and ask any friends or family that you have who might have experience. Working along side someone who has experience can usually help you to learn the process quicker and easier than reading from a book.

Another issue that cars sometimes have is ball joints. These joints allow the car to turn when it is steered. If the ball joints break, you will not be able to steer the car. You can determine that you should have your ball joints looked at if you hear a sound that sounds like the car is creaking when you are on roads that are rough or roads that feel uneven.

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To repair this problem the wheel must be removed, then anything holding the joint to the suspension would have to be taken off. Changing ball joints together as a pair will usually save you money in the long term so it is something to consider, rather than doing just one.

Paying attention to your vehicle and listening for strange sounds or unusual vibrations is one way to catch problems in the early stages in order to have them taken care of. Regular maintenance is also important in order to keep your car or truck running its best. Invest the time that is needed to keep your vehicle running well.

If you are not handy with vehicle upkeep and work, find a mechanic that you can get to know and trust. This way you will have someone available when you need help diagnosing a problem, determining the wheel bearing replacement cost, and fixing it.