Most of America and other parts of the world are familiar with that famous opening phrase shouted by the live studio audience. The Wheel of Fortune game show has been a staple on television for over three decades, giving out millions of 'fabulous cash and prizes' over the years. Pat Sajak is still the host, Vanna White still wears fabulous couture gowns and reveals letters, and the show is as exciting as ever.

The Famous Wheel of Fortune Wheel

For those not familiar with the game, it consists of puzzles that have to be guessed by contestants. The contestant spins a wheel and if it lands on a money or prize value, they can guess a consonant. They can buy vowels for $250. The wheel includes danger zones like Lose a Turn and Bankrupt. The puzzles are a wide variety of topics, and the only clue given is which category the puzzle belongs to. Examples of categories include phrase, movie title, thing, place, proper name, and occupation. Over the years the categories have grown more sophisticated, and some examples include before and after, food and drink, event and living thing. The contestant with the highest dollar value of cash and/or prizes gets to go on to the final bonus round, where he/she has to guess a puzzle under a time limit.

Lately the game show has become more interactive with the at-home viewers by offering chances to win money and prizes online. Wheel of Fortune viewers can create an account at the Sony Rewards website and register for a Spin ID. Every night a live show airs, a Spin ID is picked at random and the lucky winner wins a prize, usually a really nice all-expenses-paid vacation. The Sony website also offers other ways of winning prizes and receiving discounts on Sony products. They have daily, weekly, and monthly giveaways. If viewers watch the show that day they can log on to the website and if they know the answer to the bonus puzzle, they can enter it and earn points. The points are good toward sweepstakes entries and discounts. There are numerous other ways to earn points as well, such as knowing the Final Jeopardy category for that day and answering trivia questions. They best thing about the website is that it is free to join! All it costs is a few minutes of time every day to earn points.

So you love Wheel of Fortune and you want to join the free Wheel of Fortune club, but you don't always have time to actually sit down and watch the show or even fast-forward through a DVR taping. Wouldn't it be great if the answers to all of the solutions were offered in one place? Well they are! It is called the Wheel of Fortune Solutions website. It is run by a gentleman who is an avid Wheel of Fortune fan, and he provides the answers to all the solutions that Sony offers on their website. The site is updated daily, and best of all it is FREE too! There is nothing that needs to be done to get the answers. He doesn't ask for an email address or CAPTCHA to see if you are a live human being. He even updates the Spin IDs and has an archive of them so you can see if you won that fabulous vacation without even turning on the television.

So if you like Wheel of Fortune, then you are going to love signing up for an account on Sony's website, and you are going to really love the Wheel of Fortune Solutions website! Have fun and good luck!