Wheeled Carry-on Luggage

Wheeled carry-on luggage is a staple piece of equipment when you go travelling, especially when you're perpetually on the move and there's just too many things to fit in an ordinary backpack or duffel bag. They make for greater convenience and can save a lot of space in travel compartments, owing to their compact designs.

The term "carry-on" implies that the bag is not as bulky as the luggage that gets placed in the plane's travel hull. Aside from functionality, the luggage should meet standard requirements of an airliner for you to be able to bring to the passengers' compartment.

If you know what to look for and what better suits your travelling style, taste and budget, you can get the most out of purchasing a simple carry-on wheeler bag.

Types of carry-on wheeler bags

Wheeler bags are quite known for their convenience. There are several types of wheeled carry-on luggage, and you can pick one depending on your budget and personal preferences.

With regard to special features, there are wheeler bags that contain more compartments than others for certain types of storage. Some bags contain inner sections for clothing segregation and even special places to store papers and documents. One good characteristic of a wheeler bag is its expandibility feature, in case you need more space for extra luggage. Most luggage suppliers offer this feature, and although not everyone might need to expand their bags on a regular basis, this is still an added bonus in the even that you might.

The carry-on wheeler bags may also be made of various materials; there are those that come in solid, heavy plastic exteriors, while some can be made of cloth. Again, this depends on one's preference, although most individuals prefer an exterior that will hold against possible breakage (or spillage, as in waterproof exteriors).

Wheeled carry-on luggage is usually small, and the dimensions depend on the basic design of the bag. The safe maximum size of a carry-on is 45", in the form of a 22" x 14" 9" bag. Different airlines have different weight requirements, and your luggage should not exceed this standard, otherwise you're going to find yourself frantically packing and repacking your things amidst the lines in an airport.

Tips for choosing carry-on wheeler bags

When choosing wheeled carry-on luggage to buy, know what you want out of it. Do you travel often? Are the places you normally go to rainy or sunny? What are the personal items you normally carry with you inside the plane?

Once you've decided on these things, try visiting the local mall or travel shops. Browse through their selection and perform thorough inspections on potential products. Remember, the interior matters as much as the exterior, if not more. Check inner compartments for durability. Are all zippers functioning well? What can you probably store inside the sections? It's best to imagine how you would use the bag should you decide to buy it.

The exterior should look solid and sturdy. Although wheeler bags that come in cloth exteriors can be advantageous in manipulating luggage to fit in a cramped space, it is highly recommended that you get a bag with a heavy plastic or metal exterior if you travel with breakable personal items, like a laptop.

Examine the wheels for any resistance. It's natural to feel a little resistance when wheeled for the first time, or if the bag has not been used, but make sure that you feel comfortable pulling it along. If you need to exert effort on the wheels to drag it along, it's not worth it. Remember that the whole point of wheeled carry-on luggage is convenience.

Another thing to consider is the handles. Handles are usually placed quite strategically on the bag for easier handling. Most bags have one on the top and another on the side, though two is the minimum number of handles you should expect from a high quality wheeler bag. Check the main handle used to wheel the bag around. Does it feel sturdy? Does it wobble?

Although not all best quality bags need to come from popular brand names, it helps to base your choice off established names in wheeled carry-on luggage, such as Samsonite or Costco. Make critical comparisons among different features and buy a bag that satisfies all your requirements.

Prices of wheeled carry-on luggage

The generic wheeled carry-on luggage is about $40 at Wal-Mart, though branded bags can cost twice as much. If you don't travel often, then the American Tourister for $40 will last you a good five to ten years. However, if you're on the move all the time, consider investing in wheeled carry-on luggage that are a little more expensive but will brave through all the wear and tear. A Samsonite carry-on can cost as much as $120 to $130, and Costco sells wheeler bags for about $90. Though admittedly on the costly side, think of it as a worthy investment in your travel experience by acquiring a good piece of wheeled carry-on luggage that will last you through your travelling needs.