There was a time in the past when white casual dress shoes, white belts, white ties, and white blazers were in style. The trend lasted a few years, and then was gone for a while. We are now living in a time in which white casual dress shoes are acceptable when worn with certain additional accessories. This piece of writing is designed to provide you with 2 of the best white casual dress shoes that you can purchase, as well as 2 of the best tips regarding the most effective ways to wear those white shoes!

Take these tips and products with a grain of salt. I am not saying that these are the only white dress shoes that you should buy or that these are the only times in which white casual dress shoes can be worn. However, I am saying that any pair of dress shoes that you purchase should at least contain most of the qualities that these have, and that you should at least try to wear these shoes in situations that are SIMILAR to the ones in this article.

Trendz Slip On Oxford Synthetic

If there is one word that I could pick to describe these shoes in a Lamen’s term manner it would be “Gino”.  The most amazing thing about these white casual dress shoes is that they look like they are made for a rich Italian man that is walking through the streets of Barcelona; however, they cost less than $30! Anybody that has walked into a shoe store will be able to tell you that there are very few pairs of great casual dress shoes for under $100 ; however, these shoes are great, and available for less than half of that price!

There are quite a few pairs of Trendz shoes that would meet my standards of looking great and being available for a cheap price; however, these Slip On Oxford Synthetic shoes that are shown to the right definitely top the list!

White Casual Dress Shoes Go Well With A White Belt Or Tie

Matching the colors within the clothes that you are wearing is a profound skill that will make you look amazing, regardless of the cost of the clothes that you are wearing. However, there is a very fine line that lies between matching some of the colors and overdoing it.

Have you ever seen a man walking down the street that is dressed in a manner in which every piece of clothing that he is wearing is brown? It looks absolutely horrible! If you are trying to decide when to wear a pair of white casual dress shoes, you should quickly determine whether any of the other accessories (belt or tie) that you are wearing are white in color.

Zengara Slip Ons

Although these white casual dress shoes are a little bit more expensive than the last pair that were mentioned in the article, I would say that they are slightly better, in regards to quality, than the last pair. In addition, the material that Zengara has used to create this pair of dress shoes is much more durable than the material that was used on the pair of dress shoes that were manufactured by Trendz. From my experience, all of Zengara’s casual dress shoes have outlasted the majority of my other pairs of dress shoes, and have been well worth every penny that I have spent on them.

White Casual Dress Shoes Can Only Be Worn With A White Blazer If Your Pants And Shirt Are Black

The reason that I have chosen to put this tip last in this article is because not too many people own a white blazer that is clean enough to be worn all of the time. In addition to not being able to wear a white blazer to a wide variety of occasions, they tend to show how dirty they are in a much easier manner than brown or black blazers. I would make sure to only wear a pair of white casual dress shoes with a white blazer if nearly everything else that I was wearing was black in color! This will cause a contrasting effect that simply looks amazing!