Ramadan is holy because it is believed that the Quran was revealed to the prophet of Islam Muhammad, during this month. As such, Muslims are supposed to read the entire Quran during Ramadan. The restraint and fasting is intended to focus Muslims minds on Allah and to encourage humbleness, spirituality and to seek forgiveness for their sins. Charity is also a big part of Ramadan as it is a central tenet of the teachings of Islam.

What Dates Does Ramadan Start?

The starting date of Ramadan varies relative to the solar calendar because it uses the Islamic calendar and, this is generally shorter. The ninth month (Ramadan) begins with the sighting of the crescent (Hilal) moon This crescent or Hilal usually begins a day or two after the astronomical new moon. I have calculated estimations for the next ten years of Ramadan. On the basis that Ramadan will begin 11 to 12 days earlier each year, I have tabulated approximations for the next ten years of Ramadan

2010 10/11th August to 9th September

2011 30/31st July to 30th August

2012 19/20th July to 19th August

2013 8/9th July to 8th August

2014 28/29th June to 29th July

2015 17/18th June to 18th July

2016 6/7th June to 7th July

2017 27/28th May to 27th June

2018 16/17th May to 16th June

2019 5/6th May to 5th June

2020 25/26th April to 26th May

When Does Ramadan Occur?

Practice During Ramadan

Although Muslims fast during Ramadan, they will gather at sunset in order to share a ritual meal. This is called the Iftar and usually starts with the ritual eating of a date, then, a prayer will follow. After that, believers will settle down to a meal which can go on until the early hours of the morning.

The Iftar has become an integral part of Islamic life and is an occasion where famiies and associates can get together. Indeed, it is as much a social occasion as it is a spiritual celebration. The Good Muslim is supposed to engage his or herself in selfless acts of charity towards the poor and needy.