If gambling addiction is ruining your life, you are most certainly not alone. Gambling addiction can take everything in your life that is most precious to you and destroy it.

This is a socially acceptable addiction because it seems that everybody is doing it. Unfortunately, it is the most destructive of all addictions. People with a gambling addiction have the highest level of suicide rates of all addictions. This beats alcohol, drugs, and all of the other addictions combined.

If you have a gambling addiction and you are looking for gambling help, you have made a wise choice. When you stop your gambling behavior your life will undoubtedly get much better. Looking for help means that you have acknowledged your problem and are sick and tired of gambling and grip that it has on you.

Gambling addiction is powerful because of the chemical reaction that takes place in the brain while in action. The brain chemicals of adrenaline, dopamine and other endorphins are very powerful and it is these chemicals that become affected while you are in action gambling.

One of the reasons that it becomes hard to stop playing while at a gambling casino establishment is the fact that you do not want to go through the biochemical crash that happens in your brain when you are through gambling.

This is known as the "gamblers high" and it is truly very powerful indeed. While you are gambling, you may actually feel like you are on drugs. You technically are on drugs, but it is your own body producing these chemicals.

So when gambling addiction is ruining your life what do you do? How do you know that it is actually ruining your life?

If you answer yes to some of the following questions, then gambling addiction may be in the process of ruining your life.

1. You are losing friends because of your gambling

2. Your family is about to throw you out of the house because of your gambling.

3. You are very depressed, anxious, and stressed out because of your gambling addiction.

4. You have tried to stop gambling unsuccessfully several times.

5. You lost your savings because of your gambling addiction.

6. You are maxed out on your credit cards because of your gambling problem.

7. You stopped taking care of yourself physically and neglected your health because of gambling.

8. You know you need gambling help, but just refuse to get the help to continue gambling.

9. You are obsessed with the next time you can go and gamble.

10. You think about gambling constantly.

11. Nothing really motivates you, except gambling.

12. You only travel to places that have a gambling casino.

13. Your job is suffering because of your gambling.

14. You have had suicidal thoughts because of your gambling problem.

15. You gamble to celebrate good things in your life.

16. You go to gamble to escape emotional pain.

17. You gamble for several hours without eating.

18. You gamble much more than you had planned.

If you answered yes to 3 or more of these questions, there is a good chance that your gambling addiction has taken over your life and truly has the capacity to destroy it.

Do not take this addiction of gambling lightly. This is an awful addiction that does not spare anyone. People from all ethnic groups, socioeconomic groups, and religions are affected by gambling addiction.

Is it not time that you got help to stop gambling and start re-connecting with life again. You do not have to continue with this gamblers addiction. Help is available.

Michelle Tee