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We've all received gifts that we didn't like.  Maybe it was that bright pink sweater that Aunt Mimi thought you'd like.  Or maybe it was piece of gaudy jewelry that your best friend said matched your eyes.  Or it could even be  that silver bracelet that your old boyfriend gave you and you can't wear silver.

Whatever it is, I bet you still have it squirreled away in your closet to never see the light of day.  Don't let those items fester in the darkness!  Get them out and re-gift them!

Of course, whenever the subject of re-gifting comes up, people start to look worried.  How can we make sure that we don't insult the person who gave us the item or the person we're giving it to while still making sure the item gets out of our house and onto greener pastures?

Here are a few tips to help you with responsible re-gifting:

Christmas Presents - The Holiday Doesn't Revolved Around Them!Credit: Make sure the item is in new condition and works.  It's pretty insulting to give someone something that has any signs of wear and tear on it….but it's even worst when it doesn't work!

- Make sure the item isn't personalized in anyway.  This includes monograms, distinct décor that would only match your house, notes, etc.

- Make sure that the item wasn't free to begin with.   Don't regift swag from conventions and meetings and such and call it a "well thought-out birthday gift".  Call it what it is – free stuff that you're passing along.  Of course, that means that you're still on the hook for a birthday present!

- Make sure the person that gave you the item isn't going to miss it.  The more cherished the item (like family heirlooms or something handmade) the more likely they are going to ask about it.  It's probably best to keep those items hidden in your closet to never see the light of day.

- Make sure the person you're giving it to isn't the person who gave it to you.  This is a major faux pas and you will pay forever for that mistake.  If you have problems keeping track, write the giver on a post-it note and tape it to the box.

Christmas Tree(73750)Credit: Make sure the person you're giving it to is going to like it.  Don't pass your albatross on to someone else.  Make sure they actually want / like it so it get some used and doesn't just find a home in someone else's closet.

- Make sure the item is going to someone who lives far, away.  The last thing you want is your mom to run into your best friend at the mall wearing the scarf she knitted especially for you.

- Make sure to rewrap the gift and put a new tag on it.  (Also, check the packaging before wrapping to ensure that Aunt Mimi didn't stick a personal note somewhere on it.  That would be VERY embarrassing!)

- Make sure that if you're regifting a gift card that the balance is whole.  Giving someone a gift card with the amount of $38.73 is a clear giveaway that it was a regift.