Growing a business can be exciting and rewarding, and depending on what your business is you may be able to keep track of everything by hand if you have a small amount of inventory. With growth there comes a time when you may need something more to remain on top of the game. If you have inventory in your business or lots equipment that gets moved around, it could be time to start using barcode labels to identify where and what everything is.

Not only can a barcode system help you keep track of your inventory, but it can give you information on your sales, where your market is, and how your products moving.  Basically, the barcode label is the door into a database full of information to help you make those tough decisions without having to keep a tally by hand.

Manufacturing Inventory

Let’s say you manufacture widgets and there are four parts to this widget that you keep in stock.  By using a barcode inventory system you will be able to track how many parts you have on hand at any given point for your widget. If you are getting low on parts by knowing what you have in stock, you will know when to order your part and be able to put those widgets together without any delays in production. The system requires that every time you use a part, you scan; the barcode label will tell the software that there is now one less part in your inventory.

Asset Inventory

Another great use for barcode labels is to identify the equipment you own. You have a sales force of 50 people all of which have company owned laptops, cell phones, and gps.  When someone leaves the company the next person gets the equipment or a person moves from one office to another. Tracking becomes cumbersome and although you know what your assets are you do not know where they are. Barcodes can help identify where your assets are and who has them by keeping track of your asset inventory.

Capturing Information On Sales

Capturing information is probably the most important thing when you are a business and you are strategically planning for expansion. When you are in the business to sell a product it is imperative to know if there is a product that is not moving. This information in the past was available after the annual inventory and everything was tallied up.  But knowing what you need to have on hand to supply your customers can mean the difference between a sale and a lost sale. Knowing how to use this information will be simple with a barcode label system.

If you are seriously considering having a barcode system, start with the experts that print barcode labels. They will walk you through the process of how to set up a system, what equipment you will need or what they will need if you choose to have them handle the barcodes.  Once you are up and running you will be amazed at your savings.