If you are considering laser hair depilation, winter is without a doubt the best season to undergo laser hair removal. The reasons are many, but the most important is that during winter you are less likely to expose the treated areas to the sun, which is a big no-no in laser hair removal aftercare. There are other things that you may want to consider if you are trying to decide when the best time to undergo laser hair removal is.

A Few Weeks After Your Last Tanning Session

Laser hair removal works best on a combination of pale skin and dark hair, but for people who tan naturally the sun has the opposite effect: body hair becomes lighter and the skin becomes darker. If you want to get the most of your hair removal treatment, you need to wait until your skin is as pale as it gets, and leave your body hair unbleached. If you tan naturally, this will be a few weeks after your last tanning session, so if you are having a holiday somewhere sunny on August you may want to wait with your treatment until November. If you enjoy an all-year-around tan thanks to technology and sun machines, you will need to take a break from them as well. If you can’t deal with the idea of having pasty legs, fake tan that can be washed out well before your appointment will not affect the effectiveness of your treatment.

Pregnancy and Hormonal Changes

If you are pregnant, your body is most likely undergoing a myriad hormonal changes that could seriously affect the effectiveness of your laser hair removal sessions. For example, during pregnancy some hair follicles will go into an active status earlier or sooner than usual, breaking havoc with your hair growth cycles. Most pregnant woman will see both sides of this coin: on one side, their hair looks amazing and everybody compliments them on its shine and volume. On the other, their body hair is also growing quicker, which isn’t so nice. At the end of the pregnancy, things will go back to normal and most of that hair will fall out naturally, so if you undergo laser hair removal while pregnant you may be zapping hair that was going to go away anyway, and leaving untouched hair that will grow afterwards. Many pregnant women are also more sensitive to pain than when not expecting, so if that’s your case the procedure will not only be more effective after your pregnancy, but also much less painful. If you are looking closely at laser hair removal cost, post-pregnancy costs are usually lower as well, as the results are more effective long term.

Keep Your Body Cycles in Mind

Women are often more sensitive to pain during certain times of the month, and their skin is often more irritable as well. This can be a really bad moment to schedule a laser hair removal session, because it will hurt more and the risk of side effects such as skin pigmentation changes will also be higher. So when you are talking with your nurse about scheduling appointments, try to move them to the day after your period ends as you’ll feel more comfortable and your skin won’t suffer so much. This doesn’t mean that you should absolutely avoid laser treatment during your period, but it may be particularly uncomfortable if you tend to feel more sensitive during those days. Some people also claim that hair grows quicker if your remove it right before your period starts or during it, but since laser actually zaps the hair follicle dead this shouldn’t be a problem.

A Few Days Before That Special Event

If you are getting laser depilation for some special event, such as a wedding or a holiday, make sure your last session is not at the last minute. Your skin may feel irritated and sensitive, which isn’t good if you are trying to look your best, and you should still keep the treated area out of the sun for a few days to avoid further irritation or dark spots. Not to mention the fact that laser hair removal aftercare may be easier to follow if you aren’t feeling stressed out, or are away from home and with little time for your usual skincare routine. If you are having facial laser hair removal you may also want to consider staying off the makeup for a while, which may be incompatible with Christmas parties or other functions that require you to be fully made up. If you aim to finish your last laser session a week or two earlier than your big event, you’ll be able to prevent any last minute irritations or discomfort and enjoy showing off your hairless skin on that bikini or dress you were looking forward to wear.