People who have unending duties and responsibilities to do even after working hours usually turn to that good old coffee to keep their eyes open. There’s a deadline to beat and there’s a boss to please, so even with tired minds and tired bodies, these people are working their butts out and rely on their cup of coffee to stay awake. 

Coffee has easily earned this distinction, mainly because of the caffeine that they possess.  The caffeine stimulates the body to keep awake.  Doctors say that excessive caffeine in the body is not good because it affects the blood streams.  Caffeine also is a form of abusing your body for making it work beyond the working clock.  However, in hard times, would you have a choice?  It will either you sleep and leave the work unfinished or drink coffee and work until you can and be proficient in the eyes of your boss. 

Work and studies are known to both need extra hours of staying awake.  And the caffeine is what make them stay up even late at night, so more and more people are turning to coffee to continue and finish whatever it is they need to finish.  Some people would not drink black coffee because of what doctors say.  Others  add creamer or milk and sugar, but the funny thing is, what they drink will still be the ground coffee beans that have the caffeine fibers that they expect to do the trick.Many people believe that  drinking coffee and staying awake are only temporary and done only on extreme situations.  And working on extended hours will not be done in a person’s lifetime. What many are not aware of is that the toll for doing such will be felt sooner or later, in terms of health and livelihood. 

In the office it is normal to see Styrofoam coffee cups. These cups serve as wake up calls for people who usually start the day slow, waiting for their adrenaline to pump them with energy so they can do the assigned tasks and enable them to move through the day of hectic duties.  Coffee is believed to get working people on their feet and do what work is needed to be done.  The coffee in coffee cups in the office has a formula for keeping workers awake.  Caffeine is bad for the body, yes, but during times when you need assistance to work extra hours, your body would accept any help for any source possible and available. 

Coffee in meetings has been a tradition for many people.  They also turn to coffee if they want to relieve stress brought about by a day’s work.