Hubpages, The Site With The Middle School Minds Running The Show.

As a article marketing or web scribbler for dollars, I have learned a lot of things.  Realistically, I've learned from the ground up whatever it is you deem that I do know.  Very likely, I'm a vessel nowhere near full, but when it comes to experience with, well, I've lots of experience there.

You see, I am a huge fan of InfoBarrel, but the way my personality works is rather conservative.  I'm not a "wishy washy" sort of guy.  I don't chase trends, and I don't jump ship from anywhere for some small reason.  I'm the type of person that establishes long range goals, and keeps at them, no matter how slow is the going.

Now, before you think this page is a gossip page, I want to steer you straight, it isn't.  I'd have to literally know who I was talking about specifically to gossip, and I don't.  If I did, I wouldn't.  In fact, the NOT KNOWING makes this article possible, and perchance it will shed some light on some things for persons like myself who write for

Fact:  I love, do most of my web writing there, have enjoyed some real success and income from participation there, and so, I have some very real complaints, and very often feel as though the machine in motion there, is absolutely without personality, has no real sense of respect for the authors, and, well, is about as capricious as a random gunman under MK Ultra style CIA testing.

Now please don't think I'm the type of individual that is so passive aggressive as to say something off site that I won't say on site, but facts are, I will.  Facts are also, I have.  Continually, a lot of the fact of the matter are that many of us don't just write on Info Barrel, we also write for Hubpages, or "fill in name of venue of choice here," and so information sharing concerning things is useful to others that do the same things I do for a buck or three  a day online, or more, depending on the amount and quality of work submitted.

One thing I should make clear here....I've never once had any sort of complaint to offer anyone on any site anywhere about  It just hasn't happened.  I don't see it happening.  Its the staff at that seems to need some serious psychological medications....the staff here, I've never had a thing to complain about.

I've had some issues with the software here....issues that never once repeated themselves, and were always addressed.  Maybe my life would have been better had I started writing here on InfoBarrel, instead of Hubpages?  Sadly, I can't change my dominant personality traits (which scream "STICK WITH STUFF!!!!!!"), nor can I change my past.

What On Earth Am I Talking About?

Dude, shut up, if you don't like Hubpages, and you instead love InfoBarrel, just move your content here, and shut up!

I read the forums here on InfoBarrel a lot more than I actually appear in said forums.  I don't always comment, but sometimes I do.  I've seen people say,

"I like InfoBarrel the BESTEST!!!!!!  I'm going to move all my content here!!!!!"

Hey that is fine, and I can't argue with surety or enthusiasm, however, I do warn against such things, as old URLs have organic backlinks to them, and the date on those URLs themselves have a lot of value.  I tell people "I'd not do that."  I mean it when I say it too.  I, however, am a lot of things, Mr. Internet Money Guru ain't one of those things.

Most often I publish things on Hubpages, simply because I started there, and I'm not the type of person that flip flops somewhere else.  I do things long term.  I'll be doing InfoBarrel long term as well.  I just came here second, is all.

On Hubpages, people pay attention to the score given an article, lots of folks get excited when the article or "hub" score reaches one hundred, if, indeed, it ever does.  Well, let me tell you, that is all ridiculous, as now I've had more than one article reach a score of one hundred (it can go no higher) and then staff pulls the article for "violations."  Apparently, the ranking system and "violations" aren't things that work together.  In fact, it is my contention that what is or isn't a "violation" is purely the political bias or favoritism doled out by staff.

Now, far be it from me to define what is or isn't success for you in regards to an article's traffic.  Let me, however, state that when I get five thousand views to something, I consider it good, successful. likely to even get more views...and altogether having been worth my time.  Now let me quantify some, I mean, in this specific instance, five thousand views in about two years.  I'm not the traffic king, I don't chase keywords, I write what I want to write.  Two years and five thousand views later and staff says my successful article contains "hate speech?"

Please, you aren't doing your job if such is true.  "Hate speech" is a serious issue, and if something has sat around for two years and also been viewed five thousand is clear that staff isn't doing their job.  I take "hate speech" seriously.  Oh, and the article was about Monsanto, the single most hated corporation in the entire world today.....but the "god" of San Francisco, California appointed a Monsanto lawyer as head of the US Food and Drug administration, so it must be me that is full of hate, as disagreeing with the "god" of San Francisco's abhorrent and human destruction king as head of health, that, my friends, is "hate speech.", its a club, and if you have political opinions that aren't in synch with the "god" of San Francisco, California, then you'd best not express them.  What a show.

Literally, very often I think of moving all my articles here.  Quite a project that would be, and then the linking them with even five good backlinks afterwards - more than I'm up to at present.  But leave it to the persons that see "hate speech" in defence of human rights, and the human right to know what they are even eating....such shallow pathetic and unnamed minds, total cowardice.

If you aren't willing to put your name to something, then maybe you ought not say it.