Going on Vacation? Things you should not forget

What to consider when Packing for a Trip

If you have ever been on vacation or an outing outdoors, you probably know how hectic it is to prepare for it.Important items could easily be forgotten if one is not careful.This is especially so, if you are packing for a long vacation.There are a few things to take note of when packing up for the outdoors,to help make your trip stress-free and memorable.


This is very important ,especially when you have never been to your choice destination .Research on the place through the internet,journals and magazines to learn more about what to expect on such a trip.I am sure you do not want to miss out on important information or be caught pants down about certain things when there is a lot of information lying around .


If you are going on summer vacation or on a camping trip outdoors,be sure to carry some water,food or snacks ,include some tissue wipes in your food compartment for hygiene, and have comfortable clothing on.You can include a jacket,a pair of shorts,camping boots,sunglasses and a suitable hat.For precautionary measures,include a torch,binoculars,a compass point for direction,rope,a camping knife,match boxes and do care to protect your skin by throwing in a tube of sunscreen if you are going to be out in the sun for long. A phone,credit card and some cash are obvious items to carry as they can easily fit into your wallet,handbag or pocket.


In case of an emergency,know whom to contact.Plan ahead by getting the contacts of the nearest health facility to your vacation destination .If on medication,get your doctor’s approval before travelling and be sure to pack your full dose of medicine .If you are asthmatic,your inhaler should be at hand and easily reachable .If you are prone to allergies or allergic reactions,do a thorough research on the food and environmental conditions of your destination.Pack some pain killers and insect repellant or mentholated balm if you are en-route to a jungle.If possible,carry along a fully equipped first- aid kit.


A vacation is a time to relax,and so the fewer distractions plus a stress-free packing spree ,the better.Write a list of the things you need to to do before you travel,and include last-minute items to minimize the risk of forgetfulness.Let a close friend know you will be travelling, and of your expected return date.If possible,leave him/her the phone number of the hotel where you’ll be staying for ease of access in case you cannot be reached through your mobile phone.Clear your bills beforehand and if you will be leaving your pet behind,organize for a caregiver for the duration you’ll be gone , or leave it under the care of a trustworthy person.

Mode of Travel

Enquire about travel insurance from your travel agent.If flying,avoid unnecessary delays and keep time to combat the possibility of missing your flight.When driving,make sure your car is fully serviced and ready for the trip.Check the tyre pressure and gas levels before you embark on your journey.Make sure the lights are in proper working condition especially if you’ll be driving at night.

How to plan for a trip

Packing for a trip

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