It's easy to find rugs at your favorite home store like Crate & Barrel, or Bed, Bath and Beyond or any number of local retailers and online stores. No matter where you buy it, you're going to want to keep a few things in mind. Of course some of the most basic categories you'll want to consider are design, size, color and material among other factors.

Fit it to the Room

First thing to do, is to measure the area you want to place the rug. Whether a larger area rug, or a small entryway or hallway rug, it's very important to get the size right. It will make your searching a lot easier, and you won't have to waste time wondering if the rug will fit or not into your given room. You especially don't want to get into a situation where the rug is too large and is bending up at the sides of the wall. If it's too small, it can be an annoying nuisance that is too easily kicked around the room. It also will probably stick out like a sore thumb and not coordinate well with the rest of the room. What kind of material do you want? natural fiber, synthetic, wool or cotton?

Which Room Should It Go In?

How thick does the rug need to be, does it need to be a thin blanket style rug, or a thicker, plush shag? More plush rugs are great for lounging on in the middle of the floor, in any living room, especially for watching movies or having family get together. Of course thinner rugs are good for areas with lots of foot traffic like entryways, hallways or by any staircases you might have. You can take pictures of the room you'd like to place your rug in, and take them with you. That ways you can show the salesperson what kind of room your trying to decorate and what color scheme, atmosphere, etc. This will be very useful in sifting through all the choices.

What's The Theme?

Always pay attention to the theme of your room as well, whether classic, modern or ethnic too. Having all your preferences in order ahead of time, along with basic measurements and ideas will make the rug section process far easier, and you'll also be far happier with your end result. For instance if you have a retro them a red rug like a red shag rug might go really well with your room. This article should have give you a solid set of ideas for picking out a rug for your home.