Women love being appreciated and especially appreciation that comes from their men. Some women would be content with a simple word of “thank you”, others will need to be taken out for dinner in order for them to feel they are appreciated and loved, a number of women will want nothing other than jewelry, while some will need to be given the credit card for their own shopping and impulse buying, and others will want to be taken for a holiday in an exotic place. You know, it all varies depending on one’s personality.

 But the problem lies when the man is clueless on when to appreciate and how to appreciate the lady in his life. The female and the male are wired differently and this results to input of understanding and patience from both parties in a relationship. The most important thing for men to know is that women should be appreciated always and this will create a sense on contentment on the woman’s side as she will not feel as if she is being taken for granted. A woman who feels less appreciated tends to bring a lot of issues in the relationship such as: lack of adequate and fulfilling lovemaking sessions, conflicts, mistrust, fights and quarrels, misunderstandings and the like.

So when should a man appreciate a woman.

  1. A clean and tidy house. A neat house calls for one to take quite some time to dust, wipe, vacuum, scrub, pick and other sort of cleaning activities. Mostly the women are the ones who tend to this type of work while the man is away at work, hanging out with friends or just lying watching his favorite sports. A man should take time to appreciate the woman who collects his dirty socks from the floor, cleans the house thus providing him with a friendly, clean and conducive environment. A woman would love to hear her man commend her for her good cleaning every now and then and this would really boost her to endeavor to regularly create a clean living space.
  2. Fresh and warm food. A man should always praise and thank his woman who takes time to prepare hot, home made meal for him. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner take time to thank the lady in your life for making sure that your meals are always fresh and available.
  3. Attractive and presentable. A woman with a good disposition means that she is taking good care of herself and making sure that she is always looking presentable. A man should never close his eyes on this fact. The woman, me included will daily wear nice attire and do appropriate makeup on her not for other men to see but for the man in their lives to see and appreciate. So go on and appreciate the woman for her beauty and this will surely go on a long way in bringing smiles on her face.
  4. Clean laundry. Whether the washing machine is present or not, cleaning clothes requires patience and quality time. Do not look down upon the woman who bends her back washing your clothes rather take time to reward her with gifts or even sweet words.
  5. Children. Children can be quite draining physically and emotionally. Most mothers are stay at home mothers while the dad goes out to look for money. As much as the man thinks that he is pulling the shots just because he is working, he should know that the woman is playing quite a fundamental role by sticking at home and taking care of their kids. The man should always commend to his children’s mother on how much he loves her and also appreciate her for the role she is playing in their lives.

The man should always be remindful of the fact that women love affection and the feeling of being appreciated. This therefore calls for the man to make a point of daily letting his partner know of how much she means to him through simple words, hugs, kisses or even simple gifts. It does not necessarily mean that one has to be extravagant when showing a lady as to how much she is appreciated, the small gestures of love that are inexpensive or free will do cause as they say “It’s the thought that matters”. So run ahead now and show that woman how you appreciate her and the things she does in your life.