When Should You Ask For A Salary Increase(83576)

If you have ever wondered how to ask for a raise at work then this article is definitely worth a quick read. Salary increases are few and far between these days, however it is still possible if you know how to go about asking for a raise. Are you thinking of asking for an annual salary increase? Before you do make sure that you give some thought to the way you go about it.

How Much Should Your Job Pay?

Average salary increases vary depending on the amount you earn and the job that you do. The best way to determine what your job is actually worth is to try asking friends and family that work in similar professions what they earn. Don’t always expect an answer though as some people would rather keep their salary private, especially if it’s a colleague. It can be seen as unprofessional to ask a colleague how much they earn. Check the online job websites for jobs advertised that are the same as yours, this is an easy way to find out what you should expect to be paid.

Things To Consider

When asking for a annual salary increase you must realise that there are things to be factored into the equation, such as where you live in the country and your level of education i.e. do you have a degree?

Always Ask For More Money Than You Want

You must always ask for more money than you think you are likely to get. This way your employers  will naturally offer you less than your request but they will believe that they are saving money. You may well have a nice surprise and even get the raise that you asked for.

The Right Timing

Timing your request wisely when asking for a raise is very important. Obviously there are times at which you are more likely to be successful. Say for instance you have just lead a project that was a success or if your company is doing well and making money. Although people have had pay rises when the company is failing this is usually a tactic to try and keep employees from abandoning a sinking ship. If an annual appraisal shows that you are performing well as an individual then an annual salary increase may be justified.

Creating The Opportunity

If you feel that there is no real reason you should be given an annual salary increase then try creating one. Try to create an opportunity, create a project that you know you can complete on time and successfully. If possible then try to complete a project that saves the company money.

Structured Pay

If you do get an offer of salary increase and it is less than you want, try asking for a review in say six months time. If possible get a structured salary increase which is triggered either by the passing of time of the successful completion of tasks.

Stay Confident

Asking for salary increases can be difficult and make many people feel uncomfortable, however remember, you are much more likely to strike a deal if you stay confident and state with conviction the reasons you are asking for a raise and why you think you qualify for one.

Hopefully after reading this article you now know how to ask for a raise. Asking for a raise does not have to be difficult it’s nothing other than part of the natural progression within a company.