If you are looking at broadband only deals you should consider whether this the right option for you.  There are certain times when it is recommended that you look at these deals.  However, it should be noted that these deals are not the best option for everyone.  You need to carefully consider whether you should be looking at the broadband only deals or if you actually need a different type of deal to best meet your needs.

What are broadband only deals?

The first point you have to look at is what broadband only deals actually are?  These deals are any broadband package that does not offer you anything else.  You will not be getting a phone line with these deals and you will not be getting a TV service with them either.  This means that there are certain times and circumstances when these deals are best.

Are you looking to save money?

One of the ways to determine whether or not these deals are the best for you is to ask yourself if you are looking to save money or not.  If you are then broadband only deals may be the way you can achieve this.  Of course there are only two options you can use if you are looking at saving money.  You have to know what these options are and how exactly you will be saving money with them.

  • Cable or fibre optic broadband – this type of broadband is the main connection type used in broadband only deals.  The reason for this is that the connection does not run off the phone line.  This means that you do not have to get a phone and phone lines are the most common bundle that broadband comes with.  Cable broadband offers a number of benefits that should be looked at, with the most important being the increased speed of connection.  If you are looking at this connection you will save money on the line rental each month.  As the connection does not require a phone line you do not have to have one at all if you do not need it. Bear in mind that Fibre broadband is more expensive than ADSL though.
  • Mobile broadband – the other option when trying to save money is mobile broadband.  This is not as popular an option as cable broadband.  The reason for this is that mobile broadband has a number of problems which makes it a poor replacement for ADSL connections.  However, if you are looking to save money then you can by not having a phone line when using this connection.  The mobile broadband does not run off the phone meaning you do not need a phone line at all should you not use your home phone at all. With 3G mobile broadband now around the country, and 4G coming, more and more people re using their smartphones, or a mobile broadband dongle/Mi-Fi, as their main broadband connection.

It is important that you understand that you may not be saving money with these options.  Depending on the cost of the cable broadband package you are getting you could be spending the same amount if not more.  With mobile broadband you will not be getting the same speeds or data limit.  You may end up paying more for the mobile broadband if you go over your data limit during the month. 

Happy with your providers

Another time that you should look at broadband only deals is when you are otherwise happy with your current providers.  If you do have a phone line but are happy with the package you currently have you might consider changing only your broadband.  If you are looking at broadband only deals for this reason then you have three options you can choose from. 

  • Cable broadband – as this type of broadband does not need a phone most of the deals offered are broadband only. 
  • Mobile broadband – like cable broadband this connection does not use the phone line which means it is mostly broadband only.  Additionally it should be noted the mobile broadband providers generally do not have the ability to offer phone lines to their customers. 
  • ADSL broadband only packages – there are a few providers that offer broadband deals where you get the ADSL broadband only.  These deals are generally hard to come by as most of the best broadband deals require you to take out a phone line with the ADSL package.  The reason for this is that the ADSL connection run off the phone lines and it is easier for your provider to give you both the broadband and the phone line.  You can find these deals online or you could call the provider you what to change to.  When you call you might be able to get a broadband only deal even if there is none advertised online. 

There are of course a number of drawbacks that you have to be aware of when you work with these deals.  The fact that you have separate account for services with different providers means that you are paying a number of bills each month.  Having only one provider for all of your services makes paying the bill easy each month as there is one payment to one company.

You only need the broadband

Some people do not actually need all of the services provided in most deals.  These people generally use their mobile phone for any calls instead of the landline.  These people will also not be looking for a TV service as they either do not watch TV, or they are going to be using Freeview.  If you are looking at broadband only deals for this reason you can logically only use the one option.

This option is fibre optic broadband.  There are many reasons for why this is the case.  The first reason is that cable broadband does not require a phone line or TV service to run.  While mobile broadband does not either there are additional features to cable broadband that make it worthwhile. 

Cable broadband offers high speeds and unlimited download limits.  The speed this connection can reach is 100mb per second.  While you may not actually get this speed you will get one close to it.  The unlimited download limits is something that mobile broadband cannot offer.  If you only require the internet then it is safe to say that you are a heavy user and need as much data as you can get.