Is it Time to Move From the Crib to the Big Kid Bed?

A helpful guide to making the big kid bed transition

The idea of moving your little one into a big kid bed can set off various emotions in parents.  There is no doubt that it is a huge step.  Moving your child to a bed shows that you are trusting your child to be able to safely sleep in a bed that they can move in and out of when they choose.  Here are a few tips to help decide when the right time is for you to move your little one to their new bed.

toddler bed

Jumping Out

Okay, this is an obvious one.  If you child is able to get out of their crib then they are ready to be moved to a bed.  Of course, if the crib can be lowered, do this step first.  But if the crib is as low as it can go and they are still able to get out, then it is time.  This is a major safely issue, so it is a no brainer that it is time to make the move, no matter what their age is.

Expecting Another Child

If you are expecting another child and plan on using the same crib with your newborn, you will want to transition your older child out of the crib early enough so that they are comfortable in their new sleeping situation before your new arrival comes along.  This will help to make sure there is less jealousy from your oldest.  It is recommended that you make the switch at a minimum of 8 weeks before you are expecting your newest addition.  

Too Big for The Crib

Even if your child may not have jumped out of the crib yet, they may be too big and ready to move on up!  If they are 35" in height, or the crib rail hits lower than mid chest, then it is worth considering a bed.

Although these tips are very helpful, no child is the same.  They will all show different signs of when they are ready and you will be the best judge of that!  This is a big step for both you and your child, but by reading the signs they are giving off-you will be able to make the adjustment without many headaches!