Have you ever tried smoking hypnosis to help you quit smoking ... and failed? It is very easy and common, to blame the patient, i.e. YOU! It is also very easy to blame the hypnotist. But whose fault is it, really? Or is it no one's fault? Just one of those things that happen in life.

First of all, one question has to be answered. How badly do you want to stop smoking? Is it a burning desire you can feel in your gut? Or is it just a vague idea in your mind - maybe because the price of cigarettes increased again? Are you really pissed that you failed to quit smoking yet again? Or do you treat it the same as a typical rainy day - "Oh! It's raining. I'll have to postpone my shopping until it stops"? Because if the desire to quit smoking is not a top priority to you, you cannot blame anyone else for failing. Of course, since you didn't even really care whether or not your stopped smoking, can it even be called a failure?

Now comes the second question - how long has it been since you started the quit smoking hypnosis? Whether you are going for therapy from a medical hypnotist or whether you are listening to a self hypnosis CD, is it only the first session or has it been the 10th session? In general, many people who go for smoking hypnosis do not see any clear results after their first session, especially if they are only using a self hypnosis CD. If you are a very good hypnotic subject, AND if your hypnotherapist is highly skilled, then MAYBE you might see significant results in your second session ... or third session. Quite a few patients actually need semi-regular follow-up hypnotic sessions to renew their hypnotic conditioning so that they can stay off cigarettes. So MAYBE your smoking hypnosis has not actually failed. In other words, do you have the correct expectations?

If you have gone through five or ten sessions of smoking hypnosis and still can't kick your habit ... maybe it really is the fault of your hypnotist. This is not inconceivable. Quit smoking hypnosis has become rather big business. Look at this advertorial released by Channel News Asia in June 2009:

Some 30 medical staff from Tan Tock Seng Hospital will complete smoking cessation hypnosis training ...

The whole session will take about 1.5 hours and according to therapist Mdm Karen Ong from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis ...

Sheila Menon, principal, London School of Clinical Hypnosis, said: "What happens is when a smoker decides to quit smoking, they can go into a relaxed state and focus acutely on what it is they want to achieve and they can break the habit. In addition to that, they can also imagine themselves as a non-smoker in the future."

... who do not want to quit smoking?

... who really doesn't want to quit, we quite often say, 'Why not give it a shot? You can always choose to go back to smoking.'

The hope is that they will benefit from the attempt.

Tan Tock Seng Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Singapore, and is one of those medical businesses with a finger in the pie of medical tourism. It seems that they, as well as the London School of Clinical Hypnosis, think that a qualified hypnotist can be trained in just 1 1/2 hours. They also seem to have a rather half-hearted view of smoking hypnosis, and it also seems like their technique is severely flawed.

This is happening somewhere in Asia, so why do I bring this up? Simple. Do you really think this is an isolated case? Did your therapist receive real hypnosis training, or did he get 1.5 hours of "in-depth" and "intensive" training? How does your therapist view quit smoking hypnosis with regards to you? Does he say, "Why not give it a shot? You have nothing to lose." or does he say something like "... we will need several sessions ... for lasting results ... we may need to attack the problem from several different angles ..."?

How does your hypnotherapist (or self-hypnosis CD) conduct the quit smoking hypnosis session? After they induce the hypnotic trance, do they ask you to focus on what you want to achieve and breaking your smoking habit? Do they ask you to imagine yourself as a non-smoker (now or in the future)? Frankly, asking you to focus on breaking your habit of smoking cigarettes and asking you to imagine yourself as a non-smoker are too vague to work for most people. Don't believe me? Then ask yourself these questions? What do you see? What do you feel? Do you even see anything? Most people see nothing and feel nothing. Which means this sort of half-baked hypnotic suggestion is not going to help you.

The human mind, and especially the subconscious mind, works on concrete images and feelings. If your hypnotherapist can't do any better than asking you to imagine yourself as a non-smoker, your smoking hypnosis session has failed and you should look for someone who actually knows what he is doing.

Should you be unable to find a qualified, competent hypnotist to conduct your smoking hypnosis, you may have to bite the bullet and learn self hypnosis or NLP. A good and free book on self hypnosis is Dr Melvin Powers' Practical Guide To Self Hypnosis. It is downloadable for free at Project Gutenberg. You can learn NLP from the books written by Richard Bandler and John Grinder (who invented it). Another good alternative for some people is to learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). You can learn basic EFT for free from its website.

When smoking hypnosis fails, it might be your fault, it might be your hypnotist's fault, or it might be no one's fault. But if you want to quit smoking, you will just need to press on through the failure and find someone or something who can help you to stop smoking.